What helps get rid of a hangover: nutritional advice

Whether it’s just one glass of wine or a lot of sparkling wine, this question is inevitable: “What helps prevent excessive alcohol intake?Painkillers such as ASA, paracetamol and ibuprofen fight headaches, but not the nagging discomfort that accompanies it. It’s already too late to grab a magnesium tablet the next morning, and the famous Rollmops aren’t for everyone. It’s a good thing that there are other foods that can slowly but surely help you get back on your feet.

What helps get rid of a hangover: They need eggs!

In his column on the ABC show Good Morning America, health expert David Zinczenko lists foods that few people probably know are good for breakfast. Among them are very simple chicken eggs. This is characterized by the fact that they have a high cysteine ​​content. The amino acid fights acetaldehyde – a chemical by-product of alcohol consumption that is partly responsible for the fact that we are the next day headache And you get nauseous.

If you are having trouble getting the eggs out due to nausea, it is best to wash them down with a little Pellegrino water. According to a Chinese study, it contains higher amounts of aldehyde dehydrogenases, which also help break down acetaldehyde. By the way, the “elf” should do the job if necessary.

Asparagus and banana

Gourmets among hangover victims can also fill their plates with asparagus. Juicy greens fight free radicals that are supposed to be released with excessive alcohol consumption. It should decrease in value by up to 70 percent. At the same time, the production of certain enzymes is enhanced, which, in turn, break down the already known acetaldehyde.

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What helps get rid of a hangover better when the body can finally balance its mineral balance? Electrolyte solutions help, but on the one hand not everyone in the house has them and on the other hand they don’t necessarily taste good either. Bananas are best for most people. This one contains a lot potassium It helps against dizziness and nausea.


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