Harmful or harmful?  This is what happens when you wear gel nails all the time

Anyone who suffers from brittle nails or doesn’t feel like nail polish chipping quickly often uses gel nails, a practical alternative that keeps nails looking good for weeks. But is it really good for your nails or should you take a break from the nail salon every now and then? We’ll tell you.

Increased risk of skin cancer

Gel nails consist of several layers that are gradually applied to the nail. Nail salons often use UV lamps to cure or polish these layers. So researchers from the University of California San Diego and the University of Pittsburgh did a study UV lamps have been tested on human and mouse cell lines and its results in the journal Nature Communications published.

They found that chronic use of machines DNA damage And It can cause mutations in human cellsand for It increases the risk of skin cancer could. However, they warn about it More data is requiredbefore making a definitive statement. Large-scale epidemiological studies are needed to determine the risk of hand skin cancer in people who regularly use UV lamps. In addition, they assume that It will take at least a decade to complete such studies And you get an accurate result.

The gel damages the natural nails

But what can be said for sure is that Gel used damages natural nails. Because of the thicker gel layer in artificial nails, less oxygen usually reaches the natural nail. This often leads to a Deterioration of the stratum corneum. This will make the nails Soft, fluffy and fragile. In addition, this increases infection risk.

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In addition, the Surface of natural nails when preparing for artificial nails as a base rough. Also in this case, the stratum corneum suffers, which leads to the appearance of Natural nails are more susceptible to infection Become.

nail fungus risk

Making false nails Ideal conditions for the growth of nail fungus. Even during use, gaps can form between the natural nail and the gel, in which yeast, mold or filamentous fungi can settle. This fungus grows in a warm, low-oxygen environment.

Because of Difficulty cleaning the areas under the gel nails wellCan Keep stubborn viruses and bacteria away. The Robert Koch Institute has therefore issued guidelines stating that workers in hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes, and other medical work areas may only wear natural, short nails.


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