Women's quartet wins gold: crazy track record showdown

The women’s quartet goes to gold
Showdown with crazy world record on track

The four women reached the Olympic cycling final with the next world record, thus safely winning the silver medal. The opponent in the fencing for gold is Great Britain. The team had already set a new world record just before Germany.

The German four-wheel drive has set a new world record and is vying for an Olympic victory in the team’s quest. Franziska Brauße, Lisa Brennauer, Lisa Klein and Mieke Kröger qualified against Italy over 4000m in 4: 06.159 minutes for the gold race (10:26 am) and thus earned at least a silver medal in the track cycling competitions. Iso velodrome.

The contender in the final is Great Britain, who broke the German world record from the previous day in 4:06,748 minutes in the third heat of the morning. In the fourth round, the German quartet, who had already broken the five-year-old British women’s world record by nearly three seconds in 4:07.307 minutes (4:10.236) on Monday, hit back again. By the way, the United States and Canada are in the small final.

“We thought we weren’t going to let British women take the record so easily,” said Prause of dpa. Despite the obvious advantage, slowing down wasn’t the order of the day: “It’s hard to rate. We decided to push the pace anyway to get used to the finish.” But two runs in one day are “really hard”. The British quartet had to acclimatise to the falls shortly after the run.

It is the German team’s first Olympic medal in the endurance area on the track since Judith Arendt finished third in the 3,000m individual event in Atlanta in 1996.

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