Everyone is talking about search engine optimization. There are experts, newcomers, revolutionaries – all agree that a person with an online presence must also take certain measures in terms of quality assurance and marketing. This is why entrepreneurs often hear: What does a backlink profile look like?

Not everyone knows what to do with it right away. Because although a good back cookie used to be easy to make, now there are different requirements in terms of number, quality and importance. So the question is not whether backlinks (are they) still important, but for companies that it’s really useful to understand them better and actively create some.

What are backlinks?

If someone places a link to their own page on someone else’s page, a backlink will be generated. This can represent a pure URL, but it can also link to certain words, so-called anchor texts or anchor words (Typical links: find out more here or read).

Now this link has two effects: on the one hand, people can click on it and they are taken directly to your website, which increases the number of visitors. At the same time, a backlink (ideally) also ensures that search engines like Google determine that your website is relevant and of high quality.

The more backlinks there are, the more search engines trust the page – mostly. Since backlinks should be of high quality, they should not come from unsafe pages, spammy websites, or pages with little content. If you do not want to learn about this topic, you can find a company like Linkagentur dies Commission for building a back cookie.

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When are backlinks useless?

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Companies that have limited order capacity and are not currently looking for customers can dispense with creating active backlinks. Of course, there should be a website with all the important information in order to build customer proximity. But if there is no free capacity, backlinks are not a necessary investment.

Because what needs to be achieved with backlinks is that your website will appear higher in the search engine rankings. This is very important, especially for companies that have their customers in a particular region. However, building active backlinks has to do with spending time and/or costs, which should be worthwhile.

What companies need backlinks?

Any company looking for new customers can benefit from backlinks. For this, your website must already be full of content and technically optimized. Keywords, also called keywords, must be identified and included as part of search engine optimization. Because that’s the only way to know what kind of backlinks you need.

For businesses with a regional focus – artisans, hairdressers, retail stores – good rankings in search engine results are important so that potential customers can find them. For example, if someone enters “Handwerker” and “Kiel”, their website should appear if possible.

Companies that do business primarily online have basically the same goal, which is: customers have to find their own website. But here it can be especially difficult to get ahead of the competition, since search engine optimization is open to everyone. A strong back cookie could, for example, enable a retailer specializing in dog food to appear in search results in front of large pet food chains for the search query “dog food for older dogs.”

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How do you get backlinks?

Of course, when backlinks are important to such a large number of companies, how do you get them? On the other hand, it can be done “organically”. This means that if you have a high-quality website, there is a good chance that other websites (such as blogs) will simply set their own link. This is free and then simply talks about the quality.

But in order to actively create a backlink, backlinks must be purchased. In doing so, the space on the website is captured, so to speak – usually within an article linked to their website. This therefore has an organic and therefore positive effect on the rating by search engines. If you want to have many backlinks, you usually work with an agency, but in theory you can also organize backlinks yourself.

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