Initially, the CEPA (Center for European Policy Analysis), an American think tank on military movement, identified several key areas for the smooth movement of troops and military equipment throughout Europe. What do you considernejzvanj?
It is urgent for the public to realize that improving the military movement is a fundamental precondition for the elimination and avoidance of conflict. The best conditions for the military movement give them not only the liberation campaign, but also more opportunity. Investing in infrastructure is a necessary priority. This is a very beautiful thing.

Roads cannot be repaired in the rapid movement of troops, tell Europe from America

How can we accelerate the movement of troops across the continent? What are our habits? ThatWas it anywhere in Europe during the t dn period?
The specific requirements for military compliance are mutually exclusive. The trick is to show that we can move as fast (or as fast) as the troops of the Russian Federation. In times of peace to prevent a crisis. As the first Kremlin on the NATO entry border, we must quickly assemble a unit the size of an armored force: we are ready.

However, road and rail infrastructure is not adequate. In addition, Czech laws regulate which units in the Czech Republic can stay abroad.

First, the Czech Republic acts as a transport country for troop movements within the framework of the CEPA on Military Movement. How about military movement checkers in R?Go Mem Slip?
The Czech Republic has taken significant steps to improve its capacity as a host country, but electricity and rail infrastructure are inadequate. In addition, the Czech Republic regulates which units in the Czech Republic can stay abroad. We have to deal with this, because in the Czech Republic there may be situations where the reinforcements of other countries need to gather, not the word dl. Or for me, elastic units from the Czech Republic would have to work.

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How did the Govt-19 epidemic change the debate over the military movement? The threat of scarcitySource of funding for infrastructure repairs?
Covit-19, on the other hand, showed the need to move the frontier dog in the event of a crisis. City would have to invest in infrastructure and change the hundreds of accounts that control the movement.

Due to the epidemic, the lowest number of U.S. troops in Europe in the last 25 years was known last year. The Atlantic dog was able to reach 20,000 soldiers with lightning equipment. Due to the rapid release of the new corona virus, there is only one trunk left from the original test to protect the European allies.What will Defender Europe 21 look like?
Lask Siwian Defender Europe 20 abbreviated, but not canceled. We learned a lot from the difficulties that took place. John from Defender Europe 21. This year it has accumulated in southeastern Europe. Defender Europe 22 is likely to focus on Northern Europe and the Baltics. These exercises are important, thus pointing to the current size of the United States and security in Europe.

Sweat of this exercise with the Czech Republic?
A convoy carrying troops and trains to Hungary and Romania is likely to pass through the Czech Republic. Otherwise, the training will not take place on the land of the Czech Republic.

American airlines must provide pre-arranged transport capacity in the shortest possible time in an emergency. In return, these airlines receive financial incentives, priority in government contracts, and more.

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Initially, Seba Pitch with plans to invest up to 2 percent in infrastructure for security. Can’t be worse?
Of course it can be a thin ice. However, I hope NATO can create a destiny to implement it. Transport infrastructure with a clear military value should require up to 2% of defense spending. Investments to protect such infrastructure should be embedded in them in this way.

Frederick Benjamin “Ben” Hodges

From November 2014 to December 2017, the U.S. Army General served as commander of U.S. ground forces in Europe.

Bottle MessiReport to the Exercise Representative of the US Military Presence in EuropeIn light of the Russian annexation of Crimea and the situation in Ukraine.

In 2012 and 2014, part of NATO’s ground headquarters. M. on a mission in Ireland and Afghanistan. He is currently Chair of Strategic Studies at the prestigious CEPA Washington Think Tank.

First, meeting military requirements is crucialIs taken into account in the implementation of infrastructure projects. Can you list the treasures?
Load capacity of the bridge, dimensions of heavy armored vehicles in filling railway tunnels, storage for fuel and ammunition.

Air transport is the fastest mode of transport. The power to suspend civil aviation for a period of time in the event of a crisis or at the discretion of Eurocontrol, andTo allow air transport of troops and military equipment?
This will require the approval of Parliament. Therefore, we need to develop the ability to simply move, without the special need to use the air, railways and debris.

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Do we have sufficient air transport capability to transport units and equip them for city operations?
Absolutely not. Not in any case. It is expensive and you have to take responsibility. There are innovative ways to do this. The United States uses the so-called CRAF of the Civil Aviation Reserve Navy. American airlines must provide pre-arranged transport capacity in the shortest possible time in an emergency. In return, these airlines receive financial incentives, priority in government contracts, and more.

Selling high-flying aircraft and rebuilding flying planes in host countries will not be cheap and fast, nor will modernization of land transport.Infrastructure?
No. Iron and gas must be adjusted with large amounts of fuel and ammunition to carry large sweat vehicles.


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