European Union / Turkey: Von der Leyen criticizes Erdogan for the human rights situation - politics

The European Union offers Turkey economic cooperation and funds refugee aid, but it does not save while criticizing the human rights situation!

It is the first direct meeting with the EU leadership in a year: EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (62) and EU Council President Charles Michel (45) visit Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (67) in Ankara.

The strange thing about the conversation: the arrangement of the seats!

If Michel sat in a large armchair next to the Turkish president, von der Leyen had to sit on a sofa, away from the two men. In terms of protocol, von der Leyen and Michel should have been treated equally. Michelle did not have to participate in this sitting game, but it is also clear: Corona distance must be maintained.

In any case, von der Leyen did not let himself be bothered by the seating arrangement, and sharp criticism followed at the press conference!

After the interview, von der Leyen said that human rights issues are “non-negotiable” and have “absolute priority” for the European Union. There can be no closer cooperation unless positive developments take place. A clear message to Erdogan!

Michel was also similarly critical: he had expressed “deep concern about recent developments” in Turkey with von der Leyen.

Given Ankara’s willingness to discuss the dispute over gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean, the European Union summit at the end of March made a proposal to increase economic cooperation and financial support. According to Von der Leyen, four areas are now discussed in depth: modernization of the common customs union, high-level talks, travel facilitation for Turkish citizens, and financial assistance for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

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Heavy criticism of the meeting with Erdogan from Green Bundestag member Cem Ozdemir: Foreign Policy Books Erdogan wants to banish opposition, get out of the Istanbul Convention for the Protection of Women and bring hundreds of thousands of innocent people to trial. An expert on Twitter on Tuesday. The fact that EU leaders are now meeting with Erdogan to “give gifts” is “Brussels’ self-dwarfism.”


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