Volkswagen ID.  Buzz: Electric Bulli trips

A purely electric drive, plenty of space for family and luggage – and as a load two Euro plates. The new identifier. Buzz, which has now celebrated its world premiere. But of course there is much more than that. Several generations of Bulli fans and their global adventures speak for themselves.

But first the facts. From a technical point of view, the Bulli-designed electric utility vehicle for the modern era, like the entire range of ID cards, is based on a distinctly versatile modular electric drive array (MEB). “The ground-mounted battery pack offers high agility due to its low center of gravity, typical Bulli seating position, as well as plenty of room, flexibility and a spacious feel inside,” says VW Commercial Vehicles (VWN). With the latest software and networking for assistance and information systems as well as over-the-air updates, it is pre-scheduled for use as a stand-alone shuttle for mobility services, which is planned from 2025.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz: presale in may, delivery in autumn

According to the world premiere, pre-sales should begin in May, the first delivery of the identity. Buzz is scheduled for fall 2022. Initially in Europe, there will be a version with a 77 kWh battery and a 150 kW / 204 hp electric motor on the rear axle. It can be charged with AC at 11 kW and DC at up to 170 kW. “The battery charges from five to 80 percent after about 30 minutes,” she says.

The electronic machine builds maximum torque of 310 Nm from a stationary start, and the e-Bulli is limited to 145 km/h. There are currently no specific numbers from Hannover about the range, which will follow “at a later time”. The best values ​​around 400 km are realistic.

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The Buzze is 1.99 meters wide, 1.94 meters high, 4.71 meters long, and has a wheelbase of nearly three metres. This allows for princely space conditions, also due to the battery pack hidden in the floor. With regular seats for five seats in the ID card. The trunk volume of the Buzz reaches 1121 liters, with the second row of seats folded down, which can be moved in length up to 15 cm, it reaches 2205 liters. And the identifier. Buzz Cargo easily packs 3.9 cubic meters of transport cargo and swallows the two already mentioned Euro pallets, the load capacity is 650 kg.

Volkswagen talks about a new “master”

Ugly numbers, the ID you want VWN. Can not reflect the feeling of noise. Metallic color labels provide an indication of which direction this is going: There are ‘Monosilver’, ‘Lime Yellow’, ‘Starlight Blue’, ‘Energetic Orange’ and ‘Bay Leaf Green’ to choose from, upon request there are also bold two-tone and finish combinations Pearly “Deep Black”.

Volkswagen brand chief Ralf Brandstätter and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles head Carsten Intra spoke of a “new milestone”. To support them, they brought in actor Ewan McGregor (“Black Hawk Dawn”), a fan of Volkswagen and Buzz. “With ID. Buzz, we are taking T1 DNA to present day, and thus to the age of electric mobility and sustainability,” says Joseph Caban, Head of Design VW.

identifier prices. Buzz starts from 55,000 euros

Furthermore: “ID. Buzz is timeless, sustainable and highly functional – making it unique. At the same time, proving that it successfully transfers the genes and elements of the icon’s style into the digital age.” Attention has also been paid to aerodynamics: the drag coefficient of 0.285 (ID. Buzz Cargo: 0.29) is intended to reduce power consumption and improve range.

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Sustainability is very important to the people of Lower Saxony, which is why the ID card. Also, don’t give Buzz animal skins. The Bulli model is the high seating position, the armrests, plenty of room and plenty of storage space. There is also a high-tech interior, refreshing color and material combinations.

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The 5.3-inch digital cockpit looks familiar thanks to ID.3 and the like. The standard “Ready 2 Discover” infotainment system is equipped with a 10-inch touchscreen, and the optional “Discover Pro” navigation system with a 12-inch screen. A lot of online services are already installed at the base – and a fleet of help systems. Initially, VWN will hand out the identifier. Buzz in the rather lavishly equipped “Pro” version, which can be customized with various packages. The rule called “pure” with a smaller battery will follow later.

And what about prices? Experts assume an initial tariff of 60,000 euros is good for “Pro”. The base is supposed to start at 55 thousand euros, and basic goods 45 thousand euros. A lot of money, but not the end of the story: in the medium term, the Buzz family should be supplemented not only with a long version with the third row of seats, but also with a powerful version with all-wheel drive.

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