In the third fight of the semifinals, Radioform Ulm held home rights for the first time against Alpha Berlin – unable to use this to their own advantage.

Returned to Ulm: Albas Mado Lo (Pu.).

Returned to Ulm: Albas Mado Lo (Pu.).
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Alpha has filmed the semifinal series in Berlin and is only one win from the final of the German Championship. At Radioform Ulm, the reigning champion won Thursday evening at 80:72, thanks to increased performance in the final quarter. This means that the capital leads the top five series 2: 1. It continues with another meeting at Ulm on Saturday.

Guests initially had issues, struggling with their titles and resumes. Ulm went into the second quarter with a 21:16 lead, in which Alpha improved and was back in the lead for the first time at 32:30. The game was competitive even after the break. Only in the final division did the weaker Berliners stabilize and split decisively.

In the end, the people of Baden-Wர்டrttemberg had to pay homage to the declining strength and no longer be able to bring Mao Low under control. The national player was the game’s best bowler with 21 points and said on “Magentasport”: “Small things ended the game, it was a strong team performance, but Ulm caused us problems again.”

ratiopharm Ulm – Alpha Berlin 72:80 (21: 16,16: 23,16: 14,19: 27)

Ratio Form Ulm Points: Ossetkovsky 16, Clark 14, Cupbane 13, Petrucell 9, Heckman 7, Thunder 6, Conger 3, Obst 2, Wilkins 2
Alpha Berlin: Low 21, Fontechio 19, Lammers 12, Ericsson 8, Cou Matje 8, Granger 6, Kifi 3, Schneider 2, Siva 1

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