Vanessa May in bikini on Instagram selfie from June 7, 2022

Vanssa Mai offers many bikinis to her fans on Instagram. Many people in particular like this white person.

She can wear just about anything! This is the finale for the fans of Vanessa Mae for whom the singer presented a series of bikinis.

She is well prepared for summer! However, it seems that choosing the right bikini is difficult for Vanessa May.

There is only one thing left for the singer: to ask followers on social media for their opinions. And so she presents several models on her Instagram channel – by the way, as the advertising face of the swimwear brand. One is more severe than the other.

Vanessa May warms up fans with a hot bikini show on Instagram

Black, blue, white or in a floral pattern – the singer cuts a good figure in both bikinis. Her fans are noticing it, too. Although many have identified the white two-piece suit as their favorite, there is general agreement on one thing, which one fan puts it in a nutshell: “All four are sexy – because you are beautiful just the way you are.”

Comments on Vanessa May’s bikini show also says:

  • “Everything is huge, but white is very violent.”
  • “Ullala, everything looks delicious.”
  • “They are all hot.”
  • “Everything is uniquely beautiful. I would pick 3 based on your tan though. “
  • “It would also be nice decorations for autograph cards.”

She recently proved that Vanessa May not only can present other people’s fashion well, but also has a talent of her own. Her private collection was recently featured by the internet giant “About You”.

The former DSDS jury member has long stopped working on music. In addition to fashion, she is always in demand as an actress and would like to publish her biography in the fall.

In it, fans will certainly learn a lot about the singer’s private life. The 30-year-old has been married to her manager Andreas Verber, 39, since 2017. (SKU)


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