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A Hawaiian couple accused of stealing the identities of two dead children decades ago. According to court documents, the two could have been linked to the then Soviet intelligence service, the KGB.

Walter Lynn Primrose and Gwen Darl Morrison, both in their late 60s, are said to have lived for decades under the names Bobby Edward Fort and Julie Lynn Montague. They were arrested Friday in Kabul, Oahu. The charges: aggravated personal theft, conspiracy to commit a crime against the United States, and false statements in obtaining a passport.

In this house on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, Walter Glenn Primrose and Gwen Darl Morrison lived under false identities.

Photo: Caleb Jones/AP

Prosecutors demanded that Primrose and Morrison be held without bail. There is a high risk that the couple could escape.

Primrose served in the US Coast Guard for decades. Use the fake ID to obtain driver’s licenses, passports, and Department of Defense ID cards. This earned him a secret security clearance in the army and he later became a defense contractor.

Walter Glenn Primus is said to have obtained identification papers from the Department of Defense under an assumed name

Walter Glenn Primus is said to have obtained identification papers from the Department of Defense under an assumed name

Photo: RV/AP

Hot: According to prosecutor Thomas Molick, the two can be seen in old Polaroid photos in KGB uniforms.

Both Primrose and Morrison were born in 1955 and attended high school and college in Texas. In 1980 they got married. Why the two assumed the identities of the deceased children in 1987 is unclear from court documents. According to Moellick, it is suspected that the couple had other aliases.

Gwen Darl Morrison cup shot

Gwen Darl Morrison cup shot

Photo: RV/AP

According to the prosecutor, Morrison lived in Romania when the country was still part of the Eastern Bloc. Her lawyer, Megan Kao, denied the Associated Press news agency.

Regarding the pictures in the KGB uniform, she said that her client and Primrose tried to wear the same jacket for fun and to take pictures in it. “She wants everyone to know that she is not a spy,” Kao said. “Everything has been exaggerated. This is an exaggeration by the government.”

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