Mallorca property owner secretly filming hundreds of women in toilet |  News

The worst accusation of Almotrin against the 42-year-old Mallorca host!

The man is said to have secretly filmed at least 38 women while they were on the toilet. This was reported by Diario de Mallorca. The police even feared that a pervert had taken hundreds of women.

According to the newspaper’s report, the accused runs an unspecified restaurant in the middle of the tourist hotspot Palma. The bar owner is said to have pulled off the lousy scam for two years.

The picture shows the water bottle, technology and the lens are hidden behind a fake poster

Photo: National Police

Spanner’s mess was blown up because a woman found the bottle and took it to the police. There, she testified that she found a similar device in the toilet in 2020 and threw it away.

Incredibly sneaky: The camera and microphone – highly professional equipment according to the police – were hidden in a water bottle. The lens was so small that it could be hidden behind a fake sticker. The restaurateur had stuck the technology behind the poster. The camera has a motion detector, so it was turned on only after the customer entered the booth.

With the help of modern technology, the 42-year-old has photographed hundreds of women in the toilet

With the help of modern technology, the 42-year-old has photographed hundreds of women in the toilet

Photo: National Police

Then the Mallorcan authorities broke into the tavern owner’s apartment and confiscated all the storage media there and in the tavern. Investigators confiscated a total of 44 memory cards, mostly 32 gigabytes.

According to preliminary estimates, there should be about 5,000 videos. Investigators have already managed to identify 38 women. However, it is difficult to identify other potential victims, as most women only see the lower half of their bodies.

A statement from the police shows there is no evidence that the 42-year-old could have shared harmful material online. The bar owner was arrested during the raid and is due to appear in court next Tuesday.

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