US whistleblower in exile: Putin grants Snowden citizenship

As of: 09/26/2022 8:07 PM

Snowden obtains Russian citizenship, an American detective. Snowden has lived in Russia since 2013, where he was granted political asylum. The United States continues to demand his extradition.

Russian President Vladimir Putin granted American whistleblower Edward Snowden, Russian citizenship. A decree signed by Putin listed the names of 75 foreigners who are now Russian citizens, including the 39-year-old.

The former intelligence agent has been living in Russia since 2013. He had previously fled the United States to avoid prosecution. He had announced mass spying on emails, phone calls and internet activities by US intelligence in the name of national security and publishing classified documents.

Snowden also wants to remain American

To avoid arrest in the United States on espionage charges, Snowden fled to Moscow via Hong Kong, where he was granted political asylum. He obtained permanent residence in Russia in 2020. He said at the time that he wanted to apply for Russian citizenship but was not giving up his US citizenship. Russia relaxed its strict citizenship laws a few years ago and now allows dual citizenship.

Snowden’s lawyer, Anatoly Kucherina, told the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti that Snowden’s wife, Lindsey Mills, will now apply for Russian citizenship. His daughter already has a Russian passport because she was born in Russia. According to Kucherina, Snowden is not one of them Partial mobilization announced by Putin affected. He does not fall into the category of conscripted citizens because he has no experience in the Russian army.


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