Blueberries appear to reverse cognitive decline – a healing practice

Blueberries appear to reverse cognitive decline – a healing practice

Protecting brain health from wild blueberries

blueberry looks one Improvement in cognitive performance It reverses the cognitive decline that occurs naturally in old age and may also contribute to protection against dementia.

In a new study conducted by experts from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill He studied how people with cognitive problems are affected when using them cranberry powder Eat. The results can be found in the Journal of the English Language”Nutritional Neuroscience“to read.

The research included people with cognitive problems

The new research is what is called a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. in the investigation Participants with cognitive problems Randomly assigned to either the treatment or the control group.

In the process, cognitive difficulties were identified by the results of the so-called MoCA . tests (Montreal Cognitive Assessment).

Participants took blueberry powder for six months

Participants participated in the treatment group over a period of time six months Powder made from blueberries every day. In contrast, participants in the control group received only a placebo powder. In addition, participants who did not have any cognitive problems were reference group included.

Participants were at the beginning and end of the study with the help of the so-called Cambridge Automated Neurological Test Battery (Cantab) and with a Electrophysiology Model Test, expert report.

Blueberries improve processing speed

According to the researchers, the results of tests of specific cognitive abilities using CANTAB showed that Processing speed An improvement in the group of people consuming blueberries compared to people who received only the placebo powder.

The inclusion of blueberries eventually led to one Improve processing speed On the Reference group levelAccording to the team. Improvement in processing speed by taking mulberry powder by participants in Age from 75 to 80 years The most obvious.

In short, the consumption of cranberry powder over a period of six months Signs of cognitive aging blocked by Information processing speed was increased in the elderly. (as such)

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  • Carol L Cheatham, Grant Canepe L III, Grace Millsap, Julie M Stegal, Xu Qing Chai, et al: A six-month intervention with blueberries improved processing speed in mild cognitive decline: a double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial; In: Nutritional Neuroscience (veröffentlicht 06.09.2022), Nutritional Neuroscience

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