Up to 160 thousand euros! This is how much ‘Let’s Dance’ celebrities earn.

Up to 160 thousand euros!  This is how much ‘Let’s Dance’ celebrities earn.

Let’s Dance stars rightly benefit from their participation! On Friday, the four remaining pairs will dance to reach the final: Amira Bucher (29), Massimo Senato (41), Rene Caselli (25), Catherine Menzinger (33), Janine Ullmann (40), Zolte Sandor Ceché (34) and still Matthias Mestre (35). and Renata Lusin (34) in competition. But celebrities will not only be rewarded with a possible win – Also, the fees for the candidates are impressive!

for free Build Some participants receive a small fortune as a fee. This is as it should be A princess get a huge 160 thousand euros, Matthias And fetus However, only 70,000 euros. It is said that Riccardo Basile (30), who has already been eliminated, received a fee of 50 thousand euros for his performance – Caroline Busbach (32), who had little television experience until now, paid only 35 thousand euros.

Who will secure a place in the final with his performance today? The celebrity flashReaders seem to have a clear favourite: fetus! And 49.5 percent voted proud in a poll that the actress should advance to the next role.

Matthias Meester and Renata Lusin in “Let’s Dance”
Caroline Bosbach and Valentin Lucien, couple “Let’s Dance” 2022
Janine Ullman and Zolt Sandor Scheke at the premiere of “Let’s Dance” in 2022


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