In addition to athletic director Freddy Bubeck, Schiller is currently one of two managing directors. For next season, Hertha also needs a new coach following the departure of rescue coach Felix Magath. Berlin had secured relegation by winning 2-0 on Monday evening in the second leg of Hamburg.

Schiller joined the Executive Committee of Hertha BSC in 1998 and has held the position of Chief Financial Officer since July 2001. He has also been a member of the Supervisory Board of the German Football League since 2013.

Freddy Bobek is the only remaining managing director

Bobic had announced that he would renew the traditional Berlin club next season. When he took office last summer, he was supported by two other colleagues in the club’s management: Carsten Schmidt as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Ingo Schiller. After Schmidt withdrew for private reasons, he will be the only MD left due to say goodbye to Schiller.

The first session of the new beginning is expected to begin this week, the conclusion of which is scheduled for the general meeting on Sunday. There are proposals to vote on President Werner Gegenbauer. According to reports, the 71-year-old may resign earlier. The departure of his longtime companion Schiller is indicative of a fundamental new beginning in Hertha.

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