Records are falling on the running tracks in Tokyo: Just like the day before, when Norway’s Carsten Warhome set a spectacular world record in the 400m hurdles, the Olympic Stadium provided the fastest final race ever. In the afternoon, there are wrestling medal fights – and more running results for crack bowlers and medium distance.

That was important

Gold Favorite Johannes Wetter Has been selected for the finals Spear Saturday qualified but was more exciting than expected. Throwing over 90 meters on the world’s best, best days of the year, the first two attempts failed at the required qualifying distance of 83.50 meters. Only in the third and final litter did Wetter reach a solid 85.64m. Julian Weber also qualified, while Bernhard Seifert did not make the final.

Women’s Final Over 400 meter obstacles Not inferior in any way than the men’s exciting race of the previous day: American Sidney McLaughlin He improved his own world record from 44 in 51.46 seconds. Behind the new Olympic champion, Comrade Talila Mohammed was in the silver rankings, just below the old world record, finishing third like the Dutch woman Femke.

Skateboarding Lily Stophasius, The youngest Olympian in Germany at the age of 14, missed the final in park discipline. 38.37 points was enough for Stophasius to make a good ninth place, with the top eight qualifying for the finals. The victory went to Japan’s skateboard star Sakura Yoshosumi.

Germans Table tennisAs expected, the women lost to China in the semifinals of the team competition. Siona Shawn, Petrissa Solza and Han Ying lost 0: 3 to stay on the plate without a chance against the leading table tennis nation. The bronze medal match for third place against Hong Kong on Thursday (4 p.m.).

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In all-round competitions, the German medal hopes got off to a solid start: i Decathlon Men’s World Champion Nicholas Kaul After the 100-meter run, the long jump and shot put was only 17th, but he showed performances about his personal potential. On the second day of the tournament Kaul’s strong fields, along with fellow favorite Damien Warner from Canada. In Heptathlon Former vice-world champion Carolyn Schoffer is in tenth place after the first two disciplines, hurdles and high jump. Guided by Napisato Thiam, Belgian Olympic champion from Rio.

That would be important

The Germans have two chances for a medal Rinkern: Frank Stapler He won his battle for bronze in the class up to 67 kilograms by the lap of hope. Three-time world champion Georgia Ramas Choits will face off at 12.30pm. Denise Goodla Rio could regain his third place in 2016 in the up to 87kg class, beating his opponent Egyptian Mohamed Medwali from 1pm.

Many athletic decisions are made in the afternoon. The only German chance for a medal is through it Casa Cross: Above 3000 meter barrier Cross, who has already won two bronze medals on his march to the World Championships, will compete with world champion Beatrice Sepkoch (Kenya) from 1 p.m. Emma Coburn of the United States in Bahrain and Winfred Moodle Yavi, the fastest leader, also have a chance to win.

After that it only works with Hammer throwers (1:15 pm), then to the middle distance runners 800 meters (2:05 pm) For medals. Finally, the fastest man over 200 meters is wanted: the world champion Nova Liles (USA) and its Canadian challenge Andre de Cross Focus from 2:55 p.m.

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To the Germans Beach Volleyball-Dio Julius Leather / Clemens Wickler The quarterfinals are in the works. Opponents Russia’s Witchesla Krasilnikov and Oleg Stojanovsky lost 1: 2 in the 2019 World Cup final. Opportunity for rematch from 2 p.m.


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