Ukraine reportedly fired on a refugee center in Belgorod

In the Russian border region of Belgorod, forces apparently attacked civilians. One person died and others were injured.

Ukrainian military fire on Russian sites.  & nbsp;

Ukrainian military fire on Russian sites. Evgeny Maloletka / dpa

According to Russian sources, a person was killed in a Ukrainian attack on a center for the displaced in the Belgorod border region. The region’s governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said in the Telegram online service that two more people were seriously injured in Ukrainian artillery fire on Tuesday.

According to him, the facility housed elderly civilians and children. The dead security guard.

Unprecedented drone fire: Several injured on Tuesday

The Belgorod region, on the border with Ukraine, has been repeatedly bombed by the Ukrainians. According to Kiev, it is preparing a major counterattack to expel Russian forces from the areas it occupied in Ukraine.

The Russian capital, Moscow, was subjected to an unprecedented drone attack, on Tuesday morning, injuring two people, according to local authorities.

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