Twitter glitch: Soon Kurz again Chancellor... - Politics Abroad

Whoops, he’s no longer an advisor…?

And posted on the official Twitter account of former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (35) a picture of the Austrian delegation visiting Brussels on Twitter on Thursday with the following sentence: “My first trip as Federal Chancellor takes me to Brussels today.”

bad moment…

Twitter account detail on the accounts of the old and new Austrian chancellors.

Not so long ago, the short tweet was deleted, and now it can only be seen on the official account of Kurtz’s successor Alexander Schallenberg (52, ÖVP).

Because: Of course, it was Schallenberg who kicked off his “first visit as federal advisor” on Thursday.

Schallenberg on Monday took over from Kurz, and Kurz resigned on Saturday over allegations of corruption and bribery.

In an exclusive interview with BILD on Monday, Schallenberg said of his new position, “It was very surprising.”

It’s obviously a bit of a surprise for Twitter…

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