Sarah Connor is one of them "The voice"-The talent is as popular as expected.

As expected, Sarah Connor is popular among “The Voice” talents.

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The new season of “The Voice of Germany” is still in the blind censorship stage, but on the last show Anuvar Chu appeared to be the most favorite. The 26-year-old received four buzz with the description of “Breathe Easy” and finally decided to join Sarah Connor’s team — when he returned to him, the voice broke shortly before it sank.

And it was even better for Anu, because before he could make a decision, Sarah came up to him on stage and performed a ballad called Blue with him. A fan question that the “Stark” translator on Instagram answered surprisingly, mentions this performance.

Sarah Connor: A joint tour with Anu?

A fan shared a screen shot of Sarah’s performance with Anwar on stage and wanted to know from the artist: “Would you please take the song on tour with you?” In fact, Sarah took this in her own story and answered “maybe” – followed by an emoji with a blushing face.

This did not escape the immediate respondent. He was totally excited and revealed about his “The Voice” guide platform:

“God, I’ll be there.”

Will there be joint appearances by Sarah Connor and Anovar?

Will there be joint appearances by Sarah Connor and Anovar?

Image: 1. Amano / Instagram

So Sarah and the young singer could often stand together on stage in the future and perform “Breathe Easy” – no matter how far Anuvar goes in “The Voice”.

Anouar is clearly one of the “voice” favorites

In addition, Sarah’s contribution underscores again how enthusiastic she is in the candidate’s voice. Anyway, even if the competition is huge, he should have good cards for the upcoming battles. So far, Sarah has been knocking a lot of dust on “The Voice”: frankly, a lot of potential stars want to see her, while other coaches Mark Forster, Nico Santos and Johannes Orting often see the tube.

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However, for this reason, there is also dissatisfaction among some fans: they fear that the show will soon become very boring and that the Sarah team will easily win. “Sarah really gets all the best. Crazy,” a Twitter user said this week.



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