Gregor Jesse, defense attorney for defendant Kim Teresa A., is awaiting the start of the trial.  The indictment accuses the 32-year-old of staying with an ISIS fighter in Syria between 2014 and 2016, taking over abandoned apartments and possessing two Kalashnikovs.

Gregor Jesse (here October 29, 2021 as attorney in court) caused a storm on the FDP’s website with one sentence on TV.

On “TV Total” with Sebastien Pofav, the presenter met with politician Gregor Gyzy (Day Link). He said a sentence that prompted fans of the show to break into the FDP’s website.

Small sentence with big impact. On his show “TV Total”, presenter Sebastian Povpaf (45 years old) visited left-wing politician Gregor Jesse (73 years old) on Wednesday evening (November 24, 2021).

Duel of the two with “Hart oder Fair” – In this game Pufpaff and Gysi compete against each other in different team games. The rules: If Gysi wins there’s a fair question, but Pufpaff wins with a tough question.

One of the questions asked by Sebastian Povbaf to the politician: “Who is the sharpest bee in the new Bundestag?”

Because Geezy said, “I already know her. She’s in the FDP.” Then several viewers grabbed their smartphones and searched for “the sharpest bee”.

“Total TV”: Viewers storm the FDP website after Gezi’s verdict

Some on Twitter complained about overcrowding on the party’s website, which is part of the government’s Traffic Lights coalition now. Someone said: “Why is the FDP website of the Bundestag faction so slow now?”

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He posted the last screenshot of his cell phone. It can be seen that his attempt to go to the site failed. He wrote: “TV Total managed to smash the FDP side.” (scoo)


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