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Türk Gücü Friedberg consciously

Türk Gücü Friedberg knocked out third division club SV Wahan Wiesbaden from the Football Hess Cup. Nova Michael hit the winner in front of 760 spectators.

(Ace). For Hessenligist Türk Gücü Friedberg it was the biggest game in the club’s history – it became a historic football festival. For the first time, the club, founded in 1988, faced a professional club in a competition, and in the third round of the Hessen Cup, the hosts really created a stir and knocked out the very famous SV Vehicle Wisden. 3rd Division Nova Michael scored 1: 0 (1: 0).

The introduction of new SVWW coach Marcus Kausinsky has gone wrong. For the first time since Ober-Rosbacher’s unpopular move to Eisenkrain, Türk Gücü played at a home in the Friedberg area. A total of 760 spectators came to Bergfeld, which was an unusually large backdrop in the very atmosphere.

Türk Gücü: 760 spectators wins Cup against SV Vehan Wisden at Friedberg

After all, many neutral spectators from Veteran could win over more game visits because TG coach Carsten Weber’s team was able to keep guests over two classes, with more desire, but luck and talent. . Wehan Wiseden had plenty of chances to score: ten seconds after the first attack the TGF goalkeeper headed towards Felix Koop. Jorke Jacobsen hit the crossbar with a long-range shot (10th), while striker Hakan Nilsson crossed the goal shortly after. It only seemed as if the favorites would take the lead. But things turned out differently because Wehner could not cope with the deep lawn and diffused light conditions. Friedberg struggled more and more and took the lead just before half-time.

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Türk Gücü Friedberg: Nova Michael scored the winning goal in the 44th minute against SV Veysen Wisden.

Goalkeeper Nova Michael Jacobson took a poor pass and scored 25-0 against SVWW keeper Florian Streitz to make it 1-0 (44th). After turning the pages, guests besieged Friedberger Dora, but they couldn’t think of much. The longer the playing time progressed, the more Durk relied on the Cook emotion. In between was a defensive leg again and again – and the powerful goalkeeper Felix Coop caught the goal. His opponent Stritzell did not get a single ball in his goal throughout the second division. But the Friedbergs persevered and fortunately survived the injury of Yilmas Klich, who was taken away by ambulance within ten minutes of stopping.

We put a lot of effort into it – and this game is about living with intensity and community.

Carsten Weber, coach at Türk Gücü Friedberg

“We got the first and last chance – in between there were a lot of opportunities we didn’t use,” Kausinsky said succinctly. Overjoyed, Friedberg’s coach, Carsten Weber, stepped in front of the microphone and said: “Ten seconds later, the enemy was standing idly by in front of our box and shooting for a long time. It took us ten minutes to get the best access to Wehner’s chances and get into the game. We put a lot of effort into it – and this game is about living with seriousness and community. “

Turkish Power Friedberg: Koop – Lee, Tuda, Klik (90. + 3 Klik), Fukuhara – Heinrich, Shorr – Demir, Eran, Printemps (90. + 11 Imek) – Michael (70. Hioto).

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SV Wehne Wiseden: Streetsell – Feschner (46th Kurt), Kurlian, Mockenhoft, Rifle – Daufterschofer (77th Procop), Jacobson – Copell (63rd Longford), Wurtz, Hollerbach – Nilsson.

In short: Referee: Patrick Houstein (Busek). – Spectators: 760. – Goal: 1-0 (44th) Michael.

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