Training in the art of diplomacy is recommended
Appearances by German Foreign Minister Annalina Berbock (Green Party) often leave lasting impressions – but not positive ones. Only recently has a prince of Benin’s royal family been harshly critical of Barbok’s behavior in Nigeria. “I’m sorry, but your Secretary of State is very young. She has no experience and sometimes you can tell when she’s speaking,” he explained (TE reported).

Political and economic advisor from the United Arab Emirates. Writes as While the German media wants to acknowledge the implementation of a pragmatic feminist policy in Burbock’s visit, he tweeted: “Some foreign officials don’t realize they are behaving impolitely and appearing to be rude. They seem to lack a basic understanding of world affairs and basic diplomatic etiquette.”

Barbock criticizes Syria’s accession to the Arab League

Ibrahim Hashim is a graduate of Harvard University, speaks four languages, used to work for OPEC and is now working as a strategic advisor to various organizations in China. He also writes articles on geopolitical issues. He considers Barbock’s procedures in Saudi Arabia to be extremely inappropriate.

At first, the German Foreign Minister raised eyebrows with her clothes. Inappropriately, she was wearing a short dress that came just above the knee. Some saw this as disrespectful – but that was not what Hashem criticized. Rather, it is a rebuke from Barbok to the League of Arab States. After a break of several years, Syria again accepted into its ranks and welcomed President Bashar al-Assad to a meeting.

But this does not suit the German foreign minister at all. The media in Germany acted as if Berbock’s criticism and behavior were “pragmatic” – the Arab League’s decision seems absolutely outrageous. He said, “Tagishshaw,” for example: The actions of the Arab League up Barbok “to its limits.” And she stressed that the German government takes a different position. There should be no normalization.”

Hashim sees interference in internal affairs

As for the Arab countries, the view is completely different: it is purely and simply an internal matter, or as Ibrahim Hashem writes: “Syria’s return to its seat in the Arab League is mainly an Arab matter. Foreigners can grumble and protest as they want, and the Arabs do not care about them more.” .

Well camouflaged scandals behind the Ministry of HAPC

Annalena Baerbock continues to care — because of Robert Habeck’s case, no one is looking

Gone are the days when foreign officials were “condescending” to the Arabs. “The world is no longer in the early 1990s or even the early 2000s.” There are good reasons for the Arabs’ hesitation: above all, they do not listen to “the foreigners who have played a devastating role in the Arab world in recent decades have played the world.”

If you are interested in relationships and pursue a win-win strategy, it is best to align your interests with those of the area. Conclusion: “Arab officials are more educated and cultured than their foreign counterparts. Perhaps Arab officials should offer their training in the art of diplomacy and world affairs.”

Big applause on Twitter, as well as among Germans

The long tweet was well received on Twitter: it received 11,381 likes and was shared 3,363 times. Twitter users from around the world all agree with Hashem. A German user commented on Twitter: “Exactly right. Thanks for the statement! Does it matter to us? Others agree that this is an internal matter for the Arab League.

A Chinese psychologist living in the United States commented: “To me she is the most hideous of all with her attire unbecoming a German diplomat – her demeanor immature and limited to many. Is Germany incapable of finding talents in her leadership today? Your performance in China was outrageous to me.” But he was sad and felt sorry for all the Germans: “These are not the Germans whom I have met and whom I respect.”

Regarding Burbock’s foreign policy, an Indian man currently living in Luxembourg says, “I sometimes wonder if Mrs. Burbock is really Germany’s foreign minister or Washington’s ambassador to Germany.”

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