Nord Stream: Investigators follow two leads in Ukraine

Nord Stream: Investigators follow two leads in Ukraine

Research conducted by NDR, WDR, and SZ German investigators are following two forces that lead to the Nord Stream explosions – both of which led to Ukraine

The two trails start in the Nord Stream matter from the yacht “Andromeda” – and lead to Ukraine

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According to the research, the German security authorities are following two leads in the case of the explosions on the Nord Stream pipeline. Both lead to Ukraine. But the mystery is far from solved.

Who destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea in September? While there has been speculation recently about the role of Russian naval ships in the vicinity of the gas pipelines prior to the explosions, the federal prosecutor in Karlsruhe is pursuing two, according to research by Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ) and others. Other international media paths – both lead to Ukraine.

According to media reports, the starting point is still the sailing yacht “Andromeda”, which was associated with eruptions at the bottom of the sea in March.

Nord Stream Explosion: Yacht leads to two lanes

The 15-meter boat was rented through a Warsaw travel agency, believed to be a postal company. The company’s president and shareholder is said to be a woman who lives in Kiev. “However, it is questionable whether she actually had anything to do with these deals — or whether she was merely acting as a sort of straw woman. There are a number of indications that this is the case. The secret services regularly use letterbox companies to camouflage or fund operations,” Type NDR and WDR. The role of women and the travel agent remains unclear.

But “Andromeda” leads to another thread that the federal prosecutor is investigating. When chartering the yacht in Rostock, the charterers were said to have presented fake passports, including Romanian ones. According to the research, German investigators suspect that a 26-year-old Ukrainian used a fake identity card. He has connections with the Ukrainian army, including serving in an infantry unit. But the man’s role remains unclear.

The two traces are two more pieces of the puzzle that the investigators want to solve – the picture is far from complete. S newspaper wrote. Zed: “In one respect at least, the investigators seem certain. They have no indication that someone could have gone the wrong way.” It is clear that the Russian naval vessels that have been cruising around the Nord Stream pipelines are not currently the focus of the Federal Prosecutor General and the Federal Criminal Police Office. According to German security services, there is no evidence that they were actually involved in the attacks.

The steel pipe explosions will keep audiences and investigators busy long after the new leads are found. Investigations are continuing not only from the German side.

sources: NDR and WDR on Tagesschau.deAnd “The Southgerman”


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