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Tour de France – Poker and Rocklick like to stir up the Tour de France

Tour de France – Poker and Rocklick like to stir up the Tour de France

As in the previous year, the Tour de France (12pm / Sky), which starts in Brest on Saturday, could turn into a Slovenian fight. Current champions Tadej Bokakar and Primos Rocklick are considered the most favorite after a strong season so far, but the Aeneas racing team, which was sacked in 2020, wants to face it with Gerant Thomas, Richie Borde and Richard Carbas. A few more like Ricoberto Uran deserve the stage. Since there is not much mountain trail at this time, the French believers Julian Albiliphe can count on anything. However, this does not apply to four-time champion Chris Froome, who has yet to recover from a serious fall injury in 2019.

Meanwhile, the Austrians are heading for stage victories. However, Lucas Pastelberger and Patrick Conrad are involved in the Bora team mainly as assistants to stage rival Wilco Gelterman and sprinter Peter Sagan, but they will also be given the freedom to make their own initiative. This also applies to Marco Holler, the leading wolf in the most successful Bahraini entourage recently.

Dream of a stage success

The fourth ÖRV professional in the field of elegant touring is Michael Cochle of the Quebec Racing Team, who did a lot in the spring. Holler, Conrad and Pastelberger, who retired in 2020, could start the tour carefree as he struggled with knee problems in advance. The Pastelberger was in excellent shape, lasting several days with stage success and overall tour on the Dowfine tour.

After finishing twelfth overall in the Tour test, Conrad confidently travels to the wind-affected Brittany as the newly crowned national champion. “I am in a good mood and the form is correct. I hope I can add a little more during the tour,” Conrad told the Austrian press. Lower Austrian, who has already finished in the top ten at Zero, wants to drive on his own, in addition to his role as a key assistant to Gulderman. “At one point or another I will look for my chance. A win is a dream come true,” the 29-year-old said.

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