Jens Hofer touches and cares for rival Leon Koretska.
Jens Hofer touches and cares for rival Leon Koretska.


In the 9th minute, Germany’s Leon Goretzka was shot in the neck with a terrible kick. Liechtenstein’s Jens Hofer scares himself by looking at the red card for dangerous boarding.

The shock is written immediately after his “direct hit” on the face of the central defender. Jens Hoffer wants to destroy his own penalty area with his eyes only on the ball on the side. However, instead of his head, he tries to do this with his right foot, which is too much – the Bayern star was hit in the face with an open sole.

Koretska immediately went to the field, though Hofer grabbed him with both hands as soon as he kicked. Even during the treatment break, the 24-year-old repeatedly asked about his opponent’s health. He seems to be lucky in his misfortune, and may leave the place after a while – with Hofer’s companion and support.

A great example of fair play

Koretska can continue to play after that, which is not to say about Hofer. The dismissal of referee Ivana Martinique against him is now completely in the background. A great gesture that the German fans in Wolfsburg recognized with much applause.

Praise for Hofer has also accumulated on Twitter. “What is particularly noteworthy is the manner in which Hoffer behaved at the moment he was kicked. One foot aptly noted that Hofer’s hands were already moving towards his neck and shoulders, and the leg was on Koretska’s chest.” For example. ”

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In the end, however, Liechtenstein pays too much for the long shortage. In the ninth qualifying round, it causes more defeat for naked outsiders. With only one point you are lagging behind at the bottom of the table in Group J.


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