Top Performers from McDonalds All American Practices: Dukes Cooper Flagg and Rutgers Ace Bailey Stand Out

Over 100 NBA Scouts and Executives Attend High School Basketball Showcase

A recent high school basketball showcase drew in over 100 NBA scouts and executives as they scouted out potential future stars for the league. The event featured practices and a scrimmage with some of the top high school players who could soon enter the NBA.

Among the standout players were Cooper Flagg and Ace Bailey, who are currently ranked as the top two prospects in their class. Flagg impressed with his shot-blocking abilities, leadership skills, and versatility on both offense and defense. Bailey, on the other hand, showcased his scoring prowess and athleticism, solidifying his status as a top contender for the 2025 NBA Draft.

Other players who caught the eye of scouts and executives included Donnie Freeman, V.J. Edgecombe, Jalil Bathea, Boogie Fland, Ian Jackson, and Liam McNeeley. McNeeley, who recently decommitted from Indiana, listed several top programs that are interested in recruiting him.

Additionally, honorable mention players like Bryson Tucker, Karter Knox, Flory Bidunga, and Carter Bryant also made an impression on those in attendance. With the talent and potential on display at the showcase, it’s clear that the future of the NBA is in good hands. Stay tuned to see which of these young stars make it to the big leagues in the coming years.

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