Bio Prep Watch: Stay Updated on the Latest Launch Operations

The Yappening II Operation has officially launched in Halo Infinite, marking the beginning of the Unggoy and Grunty greatness in the game. This new Operation introduces a range of exciting features for players to enjoy, including Grunt-themed customization rewards, a new map in the Forge called Corrosion, the Gruntpocalypse playlist, and more.

Players can participate in The Yappening II Operation by purchasing the Operation Pass, which includes 20 tiers of free customization rewards. There are options for both free and premium passes, allowing players to choose the best option for their gaming experience. Those who complete any Operation Pass will also earn the limited-edition Yappening pin as a Halo Gear Reward, adding a unique collectible to their inventory.

One of the highlights of The Yappening II Operation is the new map, Corrosion, which is set in an abandoned mineral refinery on Zeta Halo. This map features acid pits and intense on-foot skirmishes, providing players with a challenging and immersive gameplay experience. Additionally, the Gruntpocalypse playlist will be available for two weeks, featuring all Grunt enemies and offering guaranteed skulls and a Fiesta version for random loadouts.

For players looking to support the Banished on Zeta Halo, the Brands of Balaho bundle is available in the Shop, with proceeds going towards this faction. And for those who complete all Challenges during the week, the free Ultimate Reward, the Scav Patch hip attachment, can be unlocked.

Embrace the Unggoy and dive into The Yappening II Operation in Halo Infinite today to experience all the new content and rewards waiting for you.

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