Thunder shower schedule!  Two storms are raging – which parts of the country have been affected – Meteorology

The first form is already in the morning Thunderstorms South and West. This first thunderstorm is a concentric line that intensifies in the afternoon. Against 3 p.m. The first thunderstorm had not yet come A line west of Bremen – Augsburg. To the east of this line it warms up again, sometimes up to 30 degrees. It is also an excellent fuel for thunderstorms.

One 19 hrs Reach for thunderstorms Route from Hanover to Leipzig and MunichPrecipitation or thundershowers in the south.

We are really lucky. This is because thunderstorms and hail will occur, but only in exceptional cases will the wind be sufficient to withstand a maximum of 2 cm in diameter.

Nevertheless, you should definitely look for shelter when it comes to thunderstorms. As it rains heavily, the water stagnates fast

Weather: Thunderstorms converge in the east!

The problem also occurs at night. Thunderstorms are about to stop Hamburg and Dresden Almost stand together. It is raining heavily, especially in the east. We need up 40 liters of rain per square meter go out. Means more flooding. Sewers in particular will fill up quickly. It is very dry in the east, so the water only reluctantly exits and instead flows together. So be careful in the east.

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Weather models have not yet agreed on the exact location and intensity of the rain. It could hit Hanover instead of Hamburg or Berlin. Pay attention to the weather warnings in your area in the evening.

Tuesday morning the rain will subside and it will be summer and hot across the country from Wednesday.

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