Home Tech PS5 is slower than Xbox Series – Sony and Epic are working on a solution

PS5 is slower than Xbox Series – Sony and Epic are working on a solution

PS5 is slower than Xbox Series – Sony and Epic are working on a solution

PlayStation 5 doesn’t really start — at least in fighting games based on the Unreal Engine. The high input lag compared to Microsoft’s competing console astounds gamers. But Sony and Epic are already working on a solution.

PlayStation 5

PS5 High Input Lag in Unreal Games

Anyone who feels that some of the PS5 fighting games feel a little stagnant will likely not imagine it. The King of Fighters XV fighting game player took the problem and Comparison of the disappearance of the game entry on different platforms. The higher the value, the more time it will take for your input to be executed in the game.

The result: while input on Xbox consoles lags between 50 to 60 milliseconds, The value on PlayStation 5 is an amazingly high 90ms. So the PS5 reacts much slower than the Xbox.

The cause of the problem was quickly discovered: The King of Fighters XV is based on Unreal Engine 4 – and it doesn’t seem to work optimally in some situations, especially on PS5 in fighting games.

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Epic Games is working with Sony to fix the problem

This note was shared on the Resetera online forum, where an Epic Games employee spoke:

“We are aware of the input response time issue and Currently working with Sonyn to support the affected developers. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make your favorite games shine on all platforms.”

(these: RESETERRA)

Affected players are delighted with the employee’s commitment and thank him in the post. However, it remains to be seen when a solution to the problem will be found and implemented by the developers.

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Sony’s next-generation console is far from perfect:

To avoid high input latency in King of Fighters XV, By the way, PS5 players can temporarily install the PS4 version of the game. This does not appear to be affected by the restriction.


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