More than 10,000 fans can cheer at the public viewing in Freiburg-Brühl

Organizing in record time: When FC Freiburg compete in the DFB Cup Final in Berlin, there will be a public viewing of the trade fair. Fans can also look forward to a support program.

The countdown has begun – the cup final is approaching: “It’s the game of the century for SC Freiburg,” Karo-Events’ Christoph Rommler said Monday afternoon in the exhibition center parking lot. This is exactly where Rummler’s Mill will be holding Edica Fans on Saturday – for 10,000 fans or more. Nobody should be fired, adds Christian Schnürle, Director of Events from Schnürle und Partner. But that’s not all: there will be a fan festival on Sunday evening in the Old Synagogue Square – as a welcome from Freiburg for the SC Freiburg team returning from Berlin.

The fan tilt planning in the gallery is very advanced. “Within three weeks, we’ve got something up and running that usually takes at least six or nine months,” says Christoph Rommler. An 80 square meter LED screen opens onto a truck. For comparison: the big screen in the scenes of the World Cup in Freiburg was 36 square meters. Supports the fan’s tilt top board.

Fan Mile tickets are sold out on Saturdays only

The wristband costs three euros. There are 15 ticket offices, a shorter tram schedule and enough storage space when there’s a big rush. Only parking spaces are offered. Contrary to reports to the contrary, fan miles were not sold out – this is not possible at all: tickets are sold only on Saturdays. Admission is from 4 pm. There are plenty of refreshment booths, with Radio Station with Julika Goldschmidt on mic providing the supporting programme, Managing Director Christian Knoll reports.

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The budget for a fan’s mile is 120 thousand euros – according to organizer Rummler, the amount can be collected only thanks to the support of several sponsors. Of course, photos of thousands of SC fans can also be seen at the exhibition across the country. Before kick-off, the ARD television broadcasting station will turn twice to the exhibition center in Freiburg.

According to the organizers, the parking lot at the trade fair is large enough. In this way, public viewing can be done right next door, parallel to the Spring Fair. And in the parking entrance area, there are up to 600 parking spaces behind the fan-fenced mileage area.

Fanfest on Sunday downtown

On Sunday evening, the event then moves downtown into Old Synagogue Square. There, the city of Freiburg – completely independent of the outcome of the final match – will host a reception for the team and coaching staff of SC Freiburg. Mayor Martin Horn was quoted as saying in a press release that a successful season should be celebrated with sixth place, participation in the European Cup Plus and reaching the cup final.

The Rathausplatz is not the location: on the one hand, because there is currently a construction site there – on the other, because it may have been too small for the occasion, according to the city administration. The players and coaches of the HC will first sign the Golden Book of Freiburg in the Winter foyer of the theatre. This will be followed at eight in the evening in front of the audience on the stage in front of the theater towards the square of the Old Synagogue.

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Because of the fan festival, Tram Line 5 will be cut off on Sunday from 12 noon. In the evening, Freiburger Verkehrs-AG reports that there may be obstacles due to the event on all lines driving on Bertoldstrasse due to the festivities.


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