This is what happens when you eat cucumber every day
sliced ​​cucumber on a wooden board |  © Getty Images / Alberto Rojas Garcia

This is what happens when you eat cucumber every day

© Getty Images / Alberto Rojas Garcia

Tasty, refreshing and healthy – this is the choice. Find out here why it’s worth eating every day!

A versatile option in the kitchen. Not only local dishes such as cucumber salad can be conjured with it, but also international dishes such as gazpacho can be prepared with it. Not to mention that it is a snack option, as the green pole is equally popular with the young and old in between. So if you love eating vegetables, you have an edge in terms of taste and health. then: Cucumber is rich in vitamins B, C, and E It also contains a lot of calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium. What effect does pumpkin have on you if you eat it every day.

I answered

Good news for anyone who wants to lose a few pounds. The higher water content makes Kukumer a Real food and weight loss. The liquid fills you up quickly and regulates your appetite. Plus, cucumbers have only 16 calories at 100 grams – and it hardly gets any better!


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