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Fast food giant McDonald’s has developed a new idea for its sustainability strategy. As part of its schedule to reduce plastic and packaging waste, the restaurant chain relies on herbal paper to wrap Deutschlandburgers and Craps.

In order to reduce packaging waste, premium burgers, as the Germany burger are called by McDonald’s itself, should be packaged with innovative herbal paper rather than box. Recently, McDonald’s introduced another excellent burger: Read here what it’s all about “Big Asparagus Hollandaise”.

McDonald’s Germany: Premium burgers and macraps in grass leaf

With this change, close to 70 percent of packaging materials must be saved, and McDonald’s Germany promises all-in-one. Press release. Moreover, this change should be the next step towards achieving an ambitious target by 2025. The goal is to produce all sales packages with 100 percent renewable, recycled or certified materials within the next four years.

But how can a piece of turf paper help achieve the goal? According to the McDonald’s press release, the company can save significant amounts of energy, water and carbon dioxide in production through innovative processes and the introduction of grass fibers into paper. Another advantage of lawn papers is that no chemicals are used in the manufacture of this fibrous material.

However, anyone who now assumes that the majority of paper is made from grass is wrong. The lawn paper that McDonald’s uses contains only 20% of the grass. It is FSC licensed and does not require long haul roads. Additionally, it comes from existing turf areas and thus does not compete with other possible uses.

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Is there a benefit from a paper grass project?

In light of all these facts mentioned, Deutschlandburger and McWrap’s turf paper use appears to be an innovative alternative to the previous packaging. However, if you look at the sales numbers for these two producers in terms of box office movies, like Cheeseburger or BigMac, the Deutschlandburger’s and McWaps’s turf paper usage should be just a drop in the ocean.

Since these two products are rarely sold out compared to other burgers, the actual waste savings by switching to paper turf should be very small.

McDonald’s Opens New Branch in Hove: According to the fast food chain, customers can expect “special service offer” as well as “premium burgers”.


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