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They deplore the stressful working conditions

They deplore the stressful working conditions



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Trainees strike: denounced stressful working conditionsظروف
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Trainee doctors are on strike to denounce the excessive workload. Stronger pressure since the beginning of the epidemic. A demonstration is scheduled for Saturday 19 June in Paris. We have collected testimonials from trainees at the University Hospital of Poitiers (Vienne).

Lunch break is one of the rare moments of rest at the boarding school CHU de Poitiers (Vienne). The trainees deplore their working conditions: Fatigue, many hours and a lack of recognition. There are times when we ask ourselves questions, if we were really created for this job’,” admits an apprentice who used to extend the days.

Interns are the cornerstone of the French hospital system. We need their work because the volume of activity is so great that if we had to do everything, we would not be able to do it because we are not many enough‘explains the department manager.Without apprentices, the system collapsesHe adds that five students have finished their day since the beginning of the year, all hoping to avoid similar tragedies. Poitiers Chu, twenty apprentices were on strike on Friday, June 19. They require a statutory 48-hour workweek.

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