These three products definitely belong in your fridge

These three products definitely belong in your fridge

It is best if you refrigerate these products

Vitamin creams and serumsin

Vitamins are important antioxidants for our skin and can help reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation. Vitamin C and Vitamin E, for example, are found in many serums and tinctures for external use on the skin and can stimulate cell renewal. However, some vitamins do not respond well to changes in temperature, ultraviolet light, or heat. Vitamin C, for example, in emulsions oxidizes with water and then becomes heat sensitive. On the other hand, Vitamin E is heat stable up to 200°C, but does not tolerate UV light very well. Therefore, it is better to store expensive serums in the refrigerator.

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Natural cosmetics

We use natural cosmetics regularly. Natural creams do not contain any synthetic additives and are free of allergens or skin irritations. But where commercial cosmetics rely on preservatives to make creams last as long as possible, natural cosmetics need some help. Natural creams keep longer in the refrigerator. Bacteria that inevitably enter the pan on your fingers multiply rapidly in the warm, humid temperatures of our bathrooms. Natural cosmetics don’t stand a chance in such climates. Small tubes, jars and pots are best kept in the refrigerator.

Fruit acid peeling

Peeling small plastic balls has long been out of fashion. They harm the skin and also pollute the seas and the environment. Therefore, the new generation of peeling operations relies on chemical cleansing of the skin. AHA and BHA peels use fruit acid to remove layers of dead skin and prevent pimples, infections and milia. However, our skin sometimes reacts to such chemical peels with temporary redness and irritation. Now a cooling mask helps. But why not start cooling until after your treatment when you can actually enjoy the beneficial cooling effect while exfoliating? Fruit acid peels should be stored in a cool place so that they are at a low temperature for use.

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