The trip to Italy continues: Merkel visits Rome and meets the mayor

Italy journey continues
Merkel visits Rome and meets the mayor

Even when she was in office, Angela Merkel made no secret of her love for Italy. The advisor is currently traveling a. D. Special across the country. After visiting Tuscany, continue on your way to the capital, Rome. There is a combination of cultural and political elements.

Former Chancellor Angela Merkel continues her trip to Italy in Rome. After the 67-year-old was in Florence earlier in the week, she traveled to the capital. After some sightseeing appointments on Wednesday and Thursday, she met Mayor Roberto Gualtieri today at the Capitoline Museums, he announced on Twitter.

Local media had previously reported where Merkel was spotted in Rome. During her farewell visit as chancellor of Rome in October 2021, Merkel said she was looking forward to returning to Italy and the Eternal City as a special woman. “I will be able to live my love for Italy completely differently when I am no longer a consultant,” she said at the time.

She had previously visited Florence, accompanied by her close friend and party friend Annette Chavanne, among others. La Nazion newspaper published pictures showing the CDU politician on the streets of Florence in Tuscany. “Hello Angela Merkel and thank you for choosing Florence,” Mayor Dario Nardella wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. According to the “La Nazioni” website, Merkel visited the Galleria del Accademia, where Michelangelo’s famous statue of “David” stands.

A spokeswoman for the former chancellor announced this week that Merkel’s return to Germany is scheduled for Monday.

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