The current successful season, in which Liverpool can win four titles, is said to have made Jurgen Klopp want to stay longer with the Reds. Contrary to his plan to exit in 2024, an extension is now being discussed.

Will Klopp stay longer? Does Jurgen Klopp not stop in Liverpool in 2024? According to the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, the coach is in negotiations with the club to extend his contract again. The German has been with the Reds since 2015 and won the Premier League and the Champions League there.

Conversations are going on: Mike Gordon, chairman of Liverpool’s owner Fenway Sports Group, is said to have been on the field for their 2-0 win over Villarreal in the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday night. Club advisor Mark Kosicki was also present, he wrote in the Daily Mail. At the meeting, there were talks about Klopp’s future.

U-turn of 2024 plan? Klopp always had a plan to resign in the summer of 2024 after nine years at Liverpool. Recently he said about this point in time: “My plan is to stay as long as possible. Then you say thank you very much.” Now the extension is conceivable with the highly revered successful coach at Liverpool.

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