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The report on the origin of the corona virus has alarmed the United States and asked China to access the information

The United States has called on Beijing to release full details of the first cases of corona virus infection in December 2019. It did so after the head of the World Health Organization said that all hypotheses about the origin of the disease were still open.

According to U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, it is absolutely important that the world’s population receive news of the onset of the epidemic “unchecked by the Chinese government.”

The World Health Organization (WHO), which spent four weeks in the Middle East investigating the origins of the Govt-19 epidemic, said this week did not elaborate on the question of whether the corona virus could have escaped from laboratories. But it is very low, he added.

However, Washington has indicated that it would like to review the data obtained through this work. “We are deeply concerned about the manner in which the initial findings of the Govt-19 investigation were published and the process achieved,” Sullivan said.

Chinese authorities have refused to provide WHO experts with preliminary data on the first cases of corona virus infection, which could help determine how and when the corona virus began to spread in China.

“In order to better understand the current epidemic and prepare for the next one, China needs to get its data from the first days it erupted,” Sullivan said.

Based on the primary data, Chinese authorities produced detailed reviews and analyzes of the first reported cases of the new corona virus. They were provided to World Health Organization experts, but not primary information. At the same time, member countries usually provide the required data to the organization.

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Therefore, the head of the World Health Organization, Tetros Adanom Capreius, said that he considered all hypotheses about the origin of the disease to be open.

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