U.S. stocks strengthened on Friday, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices ending in record highs. Investors sold shares of large technology companies and focused on the energy and finance sectors. The mood in the market is affected by the planned stimulus package aimed at the US economy.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.09 percent to 31,458.40. The Broad Standard & Poor’s Index rose 0.47 percent to 3934.83 points. The Nasdaq Technology Market Index is up 0.50 percent at 14,095.47 points.

Major U.S. stock market indices were in a narrow range this week. Investors have shifted from growth stocks, which have strengthened for nearly a year, to unvalued sectors and rotating stocks, whose financial results will vary depending on the growth of the economy’s economic cycle.

New corona virus infections in the United States in recent weeks and a sharp fall in hospitals have pushed stock markets to new highs. Reuters reports that mutations in the corona virus and complications caused by the vaccine could weaken them in the short term.

Consumer sentiment in the United States fell unexpectedly in early February, according to data released on Friday. Despite the stimulus package of President Joe Biden’s new administration, the state of the U.S. housing economy is worrying.

According to a Reuters survey, the US economy will reach pre-epidemic levels within a year. The $ 1.9 trillion (CZK 40.3 trillion) stimulus package will help launch economic activity. However, a full recovery of the labor market could take more than a year.

The US dollar strengthened slightly after several losing sessions. As investors prepare for the extended weekend, trade has suffered, among other things. Markets in the United States will close on Monday due to President’s Day.

The dollar index, which monitors the performance of the US dollar against a basket of six leading world currencies, rose 0.1 percent to 90.47 points on Friday night. The euro was down 0.1 percent at 1.2119 euros against the US dollar.

Against the Japanese yen, the US dollar rose 0.2 percent to 104.95 / JPY. It was up 0.9 percent against the Swiss franc at 0.8919 USD / CHF.

Growth of EUR / USD currency pair (1-hour chart – H1):

Growth of USD / CHF currency pair (1-hour chart – H1):

Growth of USD / JPY currency pair (1-hour chart – H1):

Development of the USDX Dollar Index (1-hour chart – H1):

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Source: Reuters, ČTK, MT4

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  • Friday Session Summary: U.S. stocks fell due to tensions and figures in the Middle East

    U.S. stocks weakened after climbing to new highs on Thursday. They responded by escalating tensions in the Middle East, where US troops killed the heads of Iranian elite troops during the invasion of Iraq. The mood has not improved with recent US figures that have renewed fears of a recession in economic growth.
  • Summary of the session on Friday: Shares of US companies fell due to the news of the withdrawal of shares of Chinese companies

    Shares in the US weakened over the weekend. They were responding to reports that the US government was considering withdrawing shares of Chinese companies from US stock markets and restricting US investment in China. This would mean further escalation of the US-China trade war. The main downfall is semiconductor companies, which are feeling the growth of charges.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks strengthen, S&P 500 index closes at a record high

    U.S. stocks strengthened on Friday, with the S&P 500 index closing at a new record high for the first time since September, AP wrote. Positive corporate results outweigh concerns about the negative economic impact of the corona virus.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks closed mixed after the dollar, the dollar fell

    Over the weekend, U.S. stocks moved in both directions. Friday’s figures contributed to concerns about the possible timing of the US economic recovery.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks weakened sharply

    U.S. stocks weakened sharply on Friday, following its worst day of the Dow Jones index since last August. Concerns about the economic impact of the new spreading corona virus have contributed to the fall in prices. However, unfavorable figures from the US economy and the poor financial results of some large corporations also had an impact. At the same time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the broader S&P 500 index have wiped out all gains since the beginning of the year.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks fell from a high

    U.S. stocks fell to a three-day high on Friday after rising for four days. Investors evaluated the report on job growth in the United States and further developments surrounding the corona virus that is spreading from China. But throughout the week, stocks strengthened. This strengthened the US dollar.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks wiped out most of the losses, with the euro falling against the dollar

    U.S. stocks fell slightly on Friday due to uncertainty over the new corona virus infection and weak figures. However, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq eventually wiped out losses, ending profitably with the results of chip maker Nvidia and the afternoon statement that the White House was considering tax breaks to buy shares.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks closed almost unchanged

    US stocks rose to a new high in broad daylight in response to news that China and the United States are in talks for the first phase of a trade deal. Later, however, they destroyed most of the profits and closed almost unchanged.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks strengthened, while indices pushed technology companies higher

    U.S. stocks strengthened on Friday as technology companies pushed key indices. However, Dow Jones and S&P 500 stocks are behind a fourth-week slump due to fears of an economic recovery, which is the longest period since August 2019.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks strengthen, investors expect a boost to the local economy

    Major U.S. stock indices ended on the record. After the negative figures in the US labor market, investors are looking for a package to help the local economy.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks strengthened over the weekend, while the dollar weakened

    Shares strengthened in the US over the weekend. Technology and energy companies are key contributors to growth. The wide S&P 500 and Nasdaq set a new record, and the Dow Jones has wiped out losses this year and has been rising since the beginning of this year.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks weakened due to tension in international trade

    Stock markets in the United States closed the trading week with a slump. Two days before the resumption of US-China trade talks, they were weakened by the news that a Chinese agricultural group had unexpectedly canceled a trip to the US states of Montana and Nebraska. In the foreign exchange market, the US dollar strengthened and the price of gold rose.
  • Friday Session Summary: U.S. stocks weakened due to concerns about the new corona virus

    U.S. stocks weakened on Friday as concerns over the new corona virus spreading from China outweighed the positive financial results of some large U.S. companies.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks weakened following Trump’s report on corona virus infection

    Following reports that President Donald Trump has tested positive for the corona virus, the U.S. However, their significant decline was hampered by investor confidence in new measures to support the US economy.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks rose more than one percent

    U.S. stocks rallied again on Friday, with their key indices rising more than one percent. Labor market data on Friday eased concerns about US economic growth but did not dampen the prospect of further interest rate cuts.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks closed mixed

    U.S. stocks closed mixed on Friday. Market sentiment was stimulated by signs of declining trade tensions between the US and China, but shares of tech company Apple were under pressure as banking firm Goldman Sachs worsened its price outlook.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks closed mixed, technology companies weakened

    U.S. stocks closed mixed on Friday. The technology sector suffered its fifth downturn in six trading sessions, Reuters reported. Conversely, the shares of many large industrial and financial institutions were strengthened.
  • Friday Session Summary: US stocks have experienced the worst week since March

    U.S. stocks led by technology companies weakened on Friday. The market is now in a state of uncertainty due to the rising number of new cases of corona virus infection and the upcoming presidential election in the United States. The stock has recorded the most significant weekly decline since March this year, Reuters wrote.
  • Friday Session Summary: The Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed 29,000 points

    Shares in the United States continued to break records on Friday. For the first time in its history, the Dow Jones index, which includes shares of thirty leading U.S. companies, crossed 29,000 points. However, it later weakened as investors withdrew their profits.
  • Friday Session Summary: The S&P 500 Index closed the record

    Shares in the United States rose on Friday. The S&P 500 index rose for five consecutive weeks, setting a new record, while the Nasdaq has risen for six consecutive weeks and the Dow Jones has stagnated. Stock markets wiped out most of the losses caused by US President Donald Trump’s statement that he did not approve of any tariff cuts in connection with the trade dispute with China. The US dollar strengthened in the foreign exchange market.
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