The outlook for human history: Barack Obama sees the world at a 'tipping point'

A look at human history
Barack Obama sees the world at a ‘tipping point’

Nearly five years into his last term as President of the United States, Barack Obama never tires of expressing his opinion on developments in the world. Mostly it has to do with the current state of politics. Now he explains in a show where he sees the world from the perspective of human history.

Former US President Barack Obama sees the United States and the world at a “turning point”. On the other hand, there is a current with “a politics of meanness, division and conflict,” as the Richmond Democrat said during his campaign appearances ahead of the Virginia gubernatorial election. “But the good news is that there is another way we can collaborate and solve big problems.” This is a decision that “I believe will determine not only the next few years, but the next decades of human history.”

It’s about determining what kind of democracy the next generation will inherit, Obama said. And he warned of the “return of chaos that has caused a lot of damage.” The former president is likely to allude to the term of his successor, Donald Trump, who ruled the White House from 2017 to January of this year. In Virginia, Obama’s fellow party member Terry McAuliffe and Trump-backed Republican Glenn Yongkin are running for governor. The elections are held on the 2nd of November. An early mood test for a good nationwide congressional election in a year’s time.

Obama praised Merkel, describing her as a moral compass

Who Barack Obama sees as a positive force in world affairs only recently backed him in a video message shown as Chancellor Angela Merkel departs at what may be her last EU summit. In it, he praised Merkel for his “unrelenting” moral compass and for many years of good cooperation. “Lots of people, girls and boys, men and women, have a role model in difficult times,” Obama said in the video, which was circulated on Twitter. He also emphasized that it shows a character who would rather work at an EU summit than be the center of attention at this summit.

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