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The “green” billionaire and his diesel fuel – the hub of good. ACHGUT.COM

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of giant yachts, wants to save Earth from humans with his $10 billion “Bezos Earth Fund.” However, the self-proclaimed environmental warrior does not want to set a good example.

Bezos’ Earth Fund calls for a “Great Reset” aimed at propelling us all toward a more sustainable and prosperous future. term “Big resetShe was very controversial after I told her Klaus Schwabs The World Economic Forum (WEF) was held. The Bezos Earth Fund is also promoted by this World Economic Forum.

The Big Reset version of the Bezos Earth Fund states that “the 2030 economy should be significantly different from what it is today” and that “radical changes will be required” which would include “approximately 40 to 60 reversals.”

His yacht bridge must be demolished

However, those changes likely won’t include Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos giving up his mega yacht – still the 14th largest yacht on the planet – which is said to be sailing The demolition of the historic Koningshavn Bridge in Rotterdam It may just require getting them out of the port.

The Bezos Earth Trust warns that most people will have to switch to other modes of transportation (such as walking or public transportation). Bezos will still have his mega yacht, but you will either walk or take the bus.

As the Bezos Earth Fund calls for “a replacement for the internal combustion engine,” his $500 million mega yacht is powered by two diesel engines that combine to produce 12,000 horsepower to go anywhere one of the world’s richest men wants.

Meanwhile, the Bezos Earth Fund is proposing the use of satellites to track methane pollution, hold officials accountable and identify ways to manage and reduce methane emissions from oil and gas. It will produce data that will be used to run campaigns to drive regulation and achieve commitments to reduce methane pollution worldwide. Will these satellites also monitor their boss’ mega yacht?

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Americans are facing impossible car and gas prices due to the environmental policies of the Biden administration. With the working class and middle class isolated from car ownership, the world’s mega-yacht proletariat is demanding more cuts.

Waiver and helipad

The Bezos Earth Fund claims that the economy needs to be “decarbonised.” His mega yacht has a second “support yacht” with a helipad. The fund says “dramatic changes in how we power our world,” “make and consume products,” and “grow our food” are needed. Bezos yacht has its own swimming pool and 25 rooms on three decks.

Anyone else can prepare to live in a crowded urban gulag where “homes and jobs are combined”. Perhaps entire families could occupy a room in an Amazon warehouse where they could get up and get out of bed to sort packages with maximum efficiency.

The Bezos Earth Fund will also spend money to force farmers to comply with environmental regulations and to encourage non-billionaires to switch their diets to plant-based sources. On the other hand, Bezos is said to enjoy a “Mediterranean squid breakfast” with bacon. Even after the great reset, he would be able to eat whatever he wanted. Ordinary Americans would get soybeans.

Amazon has destroyed retail and wiped out countless businesses and jobs. It has developed into a platform for Chinese imitation of American products to be quickly transferred to the United States via third-party suppliers, eliminating what is left of manufacturing in that country.

Robbery of the middle class

during 200,000 American companies destroyed by pandemic regulations Amazon’s profits tripled. The vast wealth stolen from the middle class is now invested in calls for “system-wide transformation” and “environmental justice”.

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Bezos Earth Fund employees may take a minute to chat with Amazon delivery drivers located in Illinois warehouse collapse during hurricane He died discussing “environmental justice”. The Bezos Fund’s version of “environmental justice” promises to focus on “women of color.” The dead in the Amazon warehouse are four white men, a black man and a black woman. The family of one of the victims, Austin McEwen, sued Amazon, claiming structural defects and a lack of safe havens. Perhaps out of the $43 million he spends on “environmental justice” for “women of color,” Bezos’ fund could also pull a few thousand for actual justice.

Instead, the Bezos Earth Fund is offering $12 million to Collective NDN, a left-wing activist group calling for an “original green new deal” with “the abolition of white supremacy and colonial institutions”. Nothing like one of the world’s richest white men financed the end of white supremacy.

The new guidelines put an end to competition

Having already decimated several US companies, the Bezos Earth Fund is proposing to destroy the remainder of the orbit, using the push to “accelerate the progress of US financial regulators in treating climate as … a systemic risk”. This means that carbon taxes, offsets, and other tricks green investors use to pillage the economy are built into the business model, forcing all businesses to embrace the Green New Deal agenda items. And if you don’t comply with environmentalists’ demands, your company presents a “climate risk.” If your business does not meet the requirements, you are in luck if you can still get a loan, get insurance, list on the stock exchange, or even work at all.

Whether or not the Green New Deal or other climate deals get passed in parliaments, it will either be enforced by mega-yacht billionaires, banks, corporations and their “grassroots activists” who get paid.

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Ceres Investors Network on Climate Risk and Sustainability, which Bezos funds here, is trying to pressure food producers to reduce their “emissions.” That means higher costs and fewer purchases for the rest of us, while Bezos can haul two luxury yachts to an oceanfront Miami restaurant and order a dozen grilled oysters because he’s so concerned about “emissions.” Are these really the actions of a man who thinks that if we drive our cars, the world will end?

Bezos is the left money machine

No matter the rhetoric, Bezos is pouring millions into the same old left-wing activist machine.

The Bezos Earth Fund sent $43 million to the Climate Rights and Clean Energy Fund (CCEEF). CCEEF was founded by the Coalition for Democracy led by George Soros. $10 million goes to Green for All, created by from Jones which was sponsored by Bezos, funded by Soros and the Ford Foundation, among others.

Millions more go to Earthrise Media, plus “Sixteen Thirty Fund “Left Black Money Machinethe Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund, Mothers Abroad and a number of left-wing groups supporting the Green New Deal.

And of course the World Economic Forum. “You will have nothing and you will be happy,” is the vision of the World Economic Forum’s video about the Great Reset of the World in 2030. Jeff Bezos does his part to ensure you get nothing, while happily having everything.

You will have to give up everything to “save the planet” while the new feudal yacht lords build even bigger mega yachts and fund activists who are asking you to give up all that’s left.

Daniel Greenfield Schilman Fellow for Journalism at the David Horowitz Center for Freedom. This article previously appeared in Front Page.

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