The World Chess Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nebonjacchi is underway. The first four games ended in a draw. The fifth dosha will take place on Wednesday from 1.30pm.

November 30, 2021 at 5:16 p.m.

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Game 4

The fourth game of the Chess World Cup in Dubai on Tuesday, Magnus Carlsen’s 31st birthday, did not bring a winner. On the first move, Carlson switched from Queen Soldiers to King Soldiers. One of the most convincing openings that many players relied on at the World Cup was Nepomuk’s response: Russian. The match ended in a draw after 33 moves, as Norway’s current world champion delivered a series of chess with white pieces. That means the 14-match World Cup is 2-2. Wednesday begins with Russian Ian Nepomnyashchi White.

Game 3

The third match of the Chess World Cup in Dubai was not won on Sunday either. According to computer analysis of the Lichess website, it is the most accurate World Championship game in chess history. Defensive Champion Magnus Carlson From Norway he joked, “I’m proud of that, but unfortunately I only got half a point.”

Like the first game last Friday, The Spanish opening With. This time the Challenger followed John NapomnjjachtI have a list from Russia Gary Kasparov Won several matches during the 1993 World Cup. Carlson defended himself more carefully than the challenge at the time Nigel Short.

As the rules forbade balance during the first forty moves, players waited for 41 moves to close the long-awaited point division. Monday game is free. The fourth game will take place on Tuesday, Carlson’s 31st birthday.

Game 2

Magnus Carlson And John Napomnjaschi He also split in the second game of the World Chess Championship in Dubai after a complicated process. “It’s a crazy game. I do not know what’s going on. I thought we both did not play well on board,” Nebomniashi said. The reigning champion Catalan sacrificed a soldier early in the game and had good piece play and attacking chances, while Nepomniashi described his position as “probably playable, but ugly”.

Meanwhile, the Russian Challenger still had the advantage of a rock and soldier over a knight. However, Carlson’s knight was placed very strongly in d6 and the soldier in e5 supported there.

Screenshot Exciting situation after move 22 - everything seemed to be first and foremost, only it was not clear who would win.
Excitement after move 22 – everything seemed first and foremost, it was not clear who would win © Screenshot

After the start, Carlson did not make the best of his potential, and then it was Napomonyashi. Carlson called the draw “a good result for both” after 58 moves. The third game starts at 1.30pm on Sunday and is free on Monday. The first game ended in a draw in 45 moves.

Game 1

The Chess World Cup, which began in Dubai on Friday, ended in a draw in 45 moves. Russia’s John Napomnjachchi moved back to level after a four-hour game against defending champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway.

Carlson played black, killing the soldier in eight moves, which was new to most commentators and had so far only been played in games between powerful computer programs. Nepomnyashchi was ready, but could not find a way and sacrificed the soldier to get out of self-defense.

The 31-year-old Russian competitor spoke of “Magnus’ best game”. Carlson admitted “some tense moments” but was satisfied with the point sharing. In the second game on Saturday (1.30pm CET), the world champion will play with white pieces.

According to the ruling of the World Anti-Doping Agency Wada, the flag and symbols of Russia should not be displayed. Nepomnyashchi therefore competes under the symbol of the Russian Chess Federation. Before the first game, the words “Chess Federation of Russia” were removed from the gaming table. Now there is only the abbreviation FCR

Games to watch:

Lack of self-confidence World Champion Magnus Carlson Not before his fifth fight for the chess crown. When asked if his competitive experience as the reigning champion was his most important asset he replied no. Ahead of the World Cup clash that starts in Dubai today, the Norwegian player said, “My biggest advantage is that I play chess better. Russian Ian Napomnjschi. A Fabiano Caruana Or Ding Liron That would have been too embarrassing for him as a challenge, Carlson said.

But his rival also explodes with confidence, he thinks Former World Chess Player Judith Polker, He works as a live commentator at the World Cup: “His body language says I’m going to win, and it’s completely natural for me to be the next World Champion. This distinguishes nephronia from the previous challenge Sergei Karjakin And the unimaginable nucleus of victory against Carlson.

So there is no obstacle to an exciting fight and all you need to know about the fight for the World Chess title, Read here!

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