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Roland Trettle – “First Dates” candidate – “Are you my soul mate?”

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5/31/2022 at 5:43 PM

This is Vox’s “First Dates” programme.

This is Vox’s “First Dates” programme.

It is an integral part of Vox’s evening programme, the dome show “First Dates”, we present the show.

Show description

Patrick is 29 years old and looking for ‘in the dome showFirst datesOn VOX after so much love. He enters the restaurant feeling good and really looking forward to his blind date.

Patrick is surprised when Roland Trettle greets him shortly thereafter. Suddenly he makes a mistakeFirst datesWith a completely different person!

First Dates: Roland Trettl showers Patrick with Regards! That’s why he’s totally confused

Roland always greets the participants at the entrance to the restaurant. This also applies to Patrick from Kassel. Roland was so impressed with his counterpart that he almost showered him with compliments.


This is Vox’First dates“:

  • “First Dates – Table for Two” is a dating show that has been broadcasting on Vox since March 2018
  • The host is Italian TV Chef Roland Trettl
  • In a restaurant environment, candidates get to know each other on a blind date
  • After eating the meal together, the participants decide if they are interested in a second date


“But you are so courteous. Mad! Your beard,” he says at the outset. The second praise isn’t too long ago: “You look really good,” he says candidly. And the following compliment is already in the building blocks: “And you smell incredibly good.”

‘First Dates’: His Excellency is Patrick’s Blind Date

All good things come in fours: “You have a really great voice,” says Roland. Patrick is completely confused and suddenly snores: “Are you my boyfriend today?” asks the chef. Unfortunately, Roland is not available.

But 25-year-old Lucas from Cologne does. They find each other cute, get along well and complement each other – the chemistry seems to be right. A good precondition for a relationship – isn’t it?


More on first dates:


Find out how things are going between the two of you and whether they want to meet for a second date Tuesday evening (May 31) from 6 p.m. on VOX or in advance at Media Library See from RTL +.

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