“The peasant is looking for a wife”: Ove Abel’s confession with a hammer – this knocks others!

“Farmer Looking for a Wife” candidate Oy Abel with his wife Iris.

Photo: IMAGO / Sven Simon

in a “A farmer looking for a wife“RTL viewers once recognized Uwe Abel as the quiet, loving next door guy. But with ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ he shocked the farmer with his first week admission.

He would have some former roommates.”A farmer looking for a wife“The candidates are apparently unreliable…

“The farmer is looking for a wife” – Ui Abel shocked by the blatant sin of youth

It’s slowly getting exciting in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. Upon spinning the bottle, the top candidates finally revealed their own secrets.

But who would have expected Ovi Abel’s “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate to have the wildest story in the store?


This “the farmer asks for the wife”:

  • “Bauer sucht Frau” is a dating show on RTL
  • The show is run by Inka Bause
  • The show has been running since October 2005
  • Meanwhile, there is also “Bauer sucht Frau International” – a branch where farmers from abroad are looking for great love
  • The famous participants of the RTL show are Schäfer Heinrich, Narumol, Uwe and Iris Abel


“I was at a party, drank too much and then crashed my car on the way home,” Uwe Abel said on Celebrity Big Brother.

“Somehow I couldn’t get a taxi after that, and then I got in the car and squeaked home. I got off the road and flipped over, the car was junk and my driver’s license was lost too,” he said afterwards.

At that time the farmer was only 20 years old. Today, he says, he deeply regrets the act. However, one of his roommates in particular nearly bounced back from that confession.


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