The ex-US president starts his own show - and it gets ridiculous

Since Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter and Facebook, there have been rumors that he wants to create his own social network. A new platform from the former US president is now the subject of discussion.

Former US President Donald Trump started a live broadcast through his communication program called “From the Desk of Donald J Trump” is a kind of blogging on his website, which is similar to what Twitter looks like. Trump writes short messages in it, some of which contain pictures or videos, that his followers can share on social networks but cannot comment on the platform itself. Users can also subscribe to updates by email or donate money.

During the American Conservative broadcaster Fox News Other US media outlets, titled the project as “Trump Founded His Own Communications Platform,” commented that the former president had just started a blog. Fox News reported that the platform gave Trump the ability to communicate directly with his followers after he was banned from Facebook and Twitter. Trump’s short articles can now be shared as quotes and linked on online platforms with just a few clicks. It was unclear at first whether the services would allow this.

Several months ago, rumors circulated that Trump wanted to start his own media company. Background: Facebook banned Trump in January shortly before the end of his term. The impetus was for his supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol – and the president expressed sympathy for them. He also banned Google Trump’s Twitter and YouTube from their platforms at the time. The Twitter account with more than 80 million subscribers has been Trump’s most important communication channel in years.

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“Right now it’s a lot like a newsletter.”

In the comments column under the Fox News article about Trump’s new gadget, some readers were upset. One wrote, “At the moment it looks a lot like a newsletter.” “This is not a platform for free speech,” she said. Another wrote, “Now Trump fans can watch him again as he continues to be upset about his election defeat. However, some users were also happy with the announcement and expressed their conviction that the former president would be more successful with the new look than any other major media outlet. Welcome back your vote, Mr. President! Well done!”

On Twitter, the news initially caused hate. Several media representatives shared a tweet advertising Fox News – and mocked the fact that the widely advertised communication platform was nothing more than a website or blog. “It’s basically a personal blog for someone who can only think of 280 words,” wrote Eliot Higgins, operator of investigative internet platform Bellingcat.

Jason Miller, a longtime Trump adviser, wrote about the comments on Twitter: “President Trump’s website is a great resource for finding his most recent remarks and highlights in his first term, but this is not a new social media platform. The near future.” She said in a Fox News article. It remains unclear if a larger project is in the works in addition to the new platform.

The timing of the start of the new Trump regime appears to be well thought out: Today, Wednesday, Facebook wants to announce whether Trump will remain banned. The independent oversight body for the world’s largest internet wants to announce a decision. The so-called oversight board can overrule management decisions about content and people – and it has the final say. On the other hand, Twitter has already announced that there is no way to return Trump on the stage.

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