Home Top News Vatican: Pope Francis in hospital – intestinal surgery survived well

Vatican: Pope Francis in hospital – intestinal surgery survived well

Vatican: Pope Francis in hospital – intestinal surgery survived well
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Pope Francis taken to hospital – bowel operation survived well

Pope Francis taken to hospital

Pope Francis was taken to the hospital. As the Vatican announced, there is an operation planned at Gemelli University Hospital in Rome due to colitis – WELT reporter Bettina Gap from Rome.

Pope Francis has been admitted to a hospital in Rome for an intestinal surgery that appears to have been planned for some time. Just hours ago he greeted people in a good mood in St. Peter’s Square.

sApst Francis had surgery to treat an intestinal disease. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said doctors had performed the scheduled operation on Sunday evening. “The Holy Father responded well to the operation, which was performed under general anesthesia,” she added. It has not been announced how long he will spend at the Agostino Gemelli clinic in Rome.

According to the Vatican, Francis suffers from intestinal disease. This leads to the formation of bumps in the intestinal wall, which can become inflamed. Doctors talk about diverticulitis in this case. It can sometimes cause pain or fever to the patient. It is a common disease in the elderly. Pope Francis is 84 years old.

At noon, the Argentine had recited the traditional angel’s prayer to the faithful in St Peter’s Square as usual from his office window. He then announced his trip to the Hungarian capital Budapest and several cities in Slovakia from 12 to 15 September.

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News of his operation quickly caused an uproar in Catholic Italy. President Sergio Mattarella wished a speedy recovery from afar. Matarella said from Paris, where he was staying on an official visit, that the heartfelt thoughts of all the people in Italy are with Pope Francis at these hours. Many politicians and parties also wished the Pope a speedy recovery.

The hospital where the Pope works is part of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome. As reported by the media portal “Vatican News”, the popes have been dealt there repeatedly in the past.

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