The DC star had to wear the worst Pat costume in order to film the audition footage

Before getting his bat costume, Robert Pattinson had to press George Clooney’s clothes for test shots. This is not a good experience.


From Robert Lowery to Michael Keaton to Ben Affleck, each of the Batman actors not only had a highly personal approach to the Dark Knight, but they also featured individual costumes that emphasized their personality once again. While some costumes may look outdated today (Adam West’s spandex suit), they were the standard for all the superhero things of their day.

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And everything suggests that Robert Pattinson’s bat costume for “Batman” will also belong in this cool DIY-look line. But the costume had to be conceived and designed first, which is why Pattinson had to use current and older Batman costumes for the first test shots, the 35-year-old explained in an interview with Japanese film magazine Eiga (via redditLet him know:

“I think it was in the test shots [das] by George Clooney, but I wore the original outfit. It looks great, but it seems like a nightmare. I couldn’t move. I was sweating all the time and was afraid I couldn’t do anything with it. Not only is my suit gorgeous, but it’s also incredibly tailored. Even if I act in a fight scene with a lot of movement, I can move freely.”

Mobility is a good point. The costume that Michael Keaton wore in Tim Burton’s “Batman” in 1989 was a disaster for the actor in this regard: he could hardly move in it. You can see that in the movie if you look at Batman’s movement patterns – not just in fights. If Keaton wanted to move his head, he would have to twist his entire torso. This problem amazingly persisted over the next few iterations before Christian Bale received a completely overhauled version where he could finally move his head in The Dark Knight. Pattinson’s costume is fundamentally different from the previous one. But above all from the nipple shape that George Clooney had to wear. Want to see it in action? Then take a look at the new trailer.

‘Batman’: This is what fascinates Robert Pattinson with his new outfit

When director Matt Reeves gave his first glimpse of Pattinson in a Pat costume, even critics who still (want to) view him as Edward Cullen from “Twilight” fell silent. Pattinson plays a young Bruce Wayne, full of anger and vengeance, disappointment and confusion, whose only motive is to search Gotham night after night for criminals to make them suffer what happened to his parents. This leaves its mark:

“The difference from traditional bat costumes is that you can see the damage. It can be seen worn out and fighting every night. It’s a very practical suit with bullet holes and dents here and there. I thought this was a very interesting concept because it looks very dashing in general.”

Because this time Bruce Wayne is different from previous films, Pattinson confirms: in the movie “Batman” he is more than a soldier – a traumatized soldier. The movie “Batman” begins in this country with a date March 3, 2022 In cinemas.

We don’t know if the Joker will appear in The Batman movie. On the other hand, we know that as Batman’s archenemy, he’s one of DC’s most famous villains. How well do you know your crime prince? test your knowledge:

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