The country is preparing for the next wave of infection

Looking at the fall and winter, the state of Salzburg is preparing for four scenarios: from the end of the epidemic, which is considered highly unlikely, to the outbreak of a powerful new variable. This year they no longer want to be accused of sleeping through another summer in preparation.

Country: Process Improvement and Regulation

“We have been preparing for these scenarios since May, we are still in the detailed planning stage and working on improving the processes we have everywhere. We are also preparing the regulations that we may need in certain scenarios. Can’t talk,” says the country’s director of coronavirus, Peter Schnerle. About oversleeping here.” According to government rescue leader Anton Holzer, the country is well prepared for a new wave.

Infection scientist Grill: ‘Don’t wait for the fourth vaccination’

There are currently many questions in the population about the fourth sting: people who have been vaccinated three times are considering whether they should be given another booster, are waiting for a new vaccine or are not sure whether they should be vaccinated a fourth time at all. “IV vaccination is very effective, also against currently available omicron variants. It is certainly better to vaccinate now than wait and not know if a new vaccine will be available in the foreseeable future,” says Richard Grill, an infectious disease specialist and chief of tertiary medicine at University Hospital Salzburg.

Vacation time fuels boom events

The 7-day infection rate in Salzburg is currently 511, which means that health authorities have recorded the lowest value for several weeks. The numbers will start to rise again with those returning from leave, as infection scientist Grill predicts: “If as many people are infected as they currently are and there is an increase, there will be other variables. In order to keep this mutation process in check, vaccinations are an important reason Extremely “. According to Grill, one has to prepare for vaccinations at regular intervals.

Age groups are currently equally affected

Nearly 3,000 people in Salzburg have contracted the coronavirus over the past seven days. A look at the age groups shows that the number of infections is the same in all age groups from 15 to 85 years.

The country is preparing for the next wave of infection


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