A new procedure is available to replace cartilage

A new procedure is available to replace cartilage

Meniscus defects are not rare. Traumatic injuries during exercise are often the cause. Doctors have various surgical treatment options – from bone marrow stimulation techniques to matrix-associated chondrocyte transplantation (MACI) commonly used today.

With Spherox┬«, there is now additional progress in this process. A special technique enables encapsulation of autologous cells in their own extracellular matrix, forming self-adhering spheroids. The doctor can then insert it endoscopically. It should simplify the procedure – for the doctor and the patient. For example, there is no longer a need to create significant access to the joint if the defect is behind the patella. Hospital stays can be shortened and rehabilitation speeded up.

In a head-to-head comparative study, Spherox was successful and demonstrated no inferiority to microfractures, a bone marrow stimulation technique. Regarding the points ‘daily activities’ and ‘sports and leisure’, there was a significantly better result in the Spherox frame than in the microfracture.

Sven Sipinand, Editor-in-Chief


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