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Many people still don't get the Hearts IV bonus.  This is due to the different structure of job centers.
Many people still don’t get the Hearts IV bonus. This is due to the different structure of job centers. © Michael Gstettenbauer/imago

Hartz 4 recipients can expect a one-time bonus payment. But there is confusion on the date of payment.

FRANKFURT – The federal government launched a multibillion-dollar relief package at the end of March due to the coronavirus pandemic and high inflation in Germany. Hartz 4 recipients are also eligible for a one-time bonus payment.

Initially, the subsidy was set at only 100 euros, but was increased as prices for consumers rose following the Ukraine conflict. In total, Hartz 4 users can expect a special fee of 200 euros. I should get 100 euros as a subsidy for anyone who gets unemployment.

Insurance benefit paid by employees
Govt offer for needy job seekers

Hartz 4 Bonus 2022: When will the money be paid?

And when should the subsidy be paid? The Hearts 4 bonus payout date is set for July 2022. However, in early July there was great confusion among those receiving social benefits. This is how our editorial team has repeatedly received messages from readers who do not yet have bonuses in their accounts. “I checked my account today and the 200 euro bonus is missing,” wrote one reader on Thursday (June 30).

The same has been reported on social media. “Hartz4 and one time social security payment apparently not paid. Humans don’t know when appointment is due according to Jobcentre,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Double Hearts 4 Bonus 2022: Different Payment Dates

But not everyone feels that way. Some reported that the double bonus has now been transferred to the account, but many have yet to receive anything. The Union Ministry of Social Affairs has stated that the reason for this is Differently organized offices In Germany:

  1. A job center as an agency of the Federal Employment Agency and its respective municipal sponsor
  2. Job centers organized independently by local authorities

Hartz 4 bonus doubled: why you still have no money in your account

Three-quarters of all job centers belong to the first category, the Union ministry explained on a request from a news website Anyone receiving social benefits from these authorities has to pay the fees Hearts 4 bonus only on July 23rd will receive “This will ensure a one-time payment in July 2022,” the ministry told the portal.

Confusion about Hartz 4 Bonus 2022: Some payment dates are still unclear

In some cases, payments may still count, for example in the case of persons whose Hartz 4 entitlement has not yet been determined.

Called in this context Different deadlines of the Ministry:

  • 20. August
  • 21. August
  • 24. September
  • 25. September

Hartz 4 Bonus: When will the money reach the beneficiaries?

die 104 job centers managed by municipal sponsors have other payment dates. According to the ministry, the payment will be arranged by the respective countries. Due to various technical requirements, there is no information about the dates in Berlin, it said

At least one thing is certain: Hartz 4 beneficiaries and those receiving social benefits will receive a subsidy of 200 euros. However, many need to be patient. By the end of September, everyone should have received the Hartz 4 bonus. (cheese)


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