Deutsche Telekom has apologized to its customers for mobile network problems. As a small compensation, there should now be an additional 2GB LTE data package, but it is not yet clear who can take advantage of the “thanksgiving”.

that reports Caschy on his blog. Early Telekom customers received a notification from Telekom indicating the issue as of February 22nd (we reported it). A software issue is said to have disabled important LTE functionality in Telekom, so telephony was only possible with GSM over 2G. However, the error has now been corrected.

The message that is now sent reads: “2 GB – Our gift to you! We’re sorry that our network hasn’t been available in the usual quality for the past few days.” With the small data package, Telekom wants to spread a few good vibes, which would benefit many users.

Customers who have already received the message can additionally activate the data in the MeinMagenta app or at However, it is said that you have to hurry, because according to user reports, the data gift should only be valid until the end of February. The volume of unused data expires on February 28. All customers with fixed-term, pre-paid contracts who have also booked data volume should receive this apology. The exceptions are Family Card Start customers and older cell phone tariffs concluded before 2011.

Network failure – 2 GB as compensation

Congstar has already sent out similar compensation messages and also provides information about the data gift in the forum. It says, “Network outage – 2 GB for you as compensation! Last Tuesday there was an increase in the vulnerability of our mobile network. Sorry and apologies, we are giving you an additional 2 GB that you can use until the end of the month.” It is still unknown if other mobile phone brands implemented in the Telekom network will send out similar apologies.

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